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Hotellrom med et unikt særpreg

Several Norwegian and foreign artists have decorated their own rooms in the "artist street" on our third floor. The adds a unique character to the rooms, giving your stay at Britannia Hotel an extra dimension. In addition to the artist rooms the Britannia Hotel features a large art collection throughout our corridors and public spaces.

Vebjørn Sand

  • Vebjørn Sand has done the pictorial decoration in room 308.
  • Vebjørn Sand is most famous for his outdoor “Trollslottet” (the Troll’s Castle) exhibition at Holmenkollen, Oslo in the winter of 1997-98, with motifs gathered from the artist’s expeditions to Queen Maud’s Land in Antarctica. He has also made a name for himself by taking the initiative for other large projects, such as the “Leonardo bridge” and “the Star of Peace”, formerly known as the “Kepler Star” at Gardermoen airport near Oslo.

Roar Wold

  • Roar Wold is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 317.
  • Roar Wold (1926 – 2001) was born in Trondheim. He was a famous painter, known for his rigorously controlled abstract art. He studied at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and later held the position as chairman of the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art.

Ramon Isern

  • Ramon Isern is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 307.
  • Ramon Isern was born in Barcelona in 1914, but lived in Trondheim from 1957 up until he died in 1989. His collections are exhibited at the Norwegian National Museum of Decorative Arts, Trøndelag Art Gallery, the National Gallery and Bergen Art Museum.

Odd Nerdrum

  • Odd Nerdrum is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 319.
  • Odd Nerdrum was born in 1944. He is a Norwegian painter who is best known for his portraits and large compositions of figures. He mainly uses techniques from the 17th century that were also used by baroque painters such as Caravaggio and Rembrandt.
    What distinguishes Nerdrum from the baroque painters are mainly his motifs. Nerdrum’s paintings usually carry a social message, and he sometimes depicts disputed political events and topics that are taboo.

Lars Tiller

  • Lars Tiller is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 310.
  • Lars Tiller (1924 – 1994) was born in Trondheim. After the Second World War, he studied at the new Art School in Trondheim for six months. Later, he studied in Paris as a student of Fernand Léger, where he was offered a prolongation of his stay. However, instead of remaining abroad, Tiller chose to return to his home town where he was employed by the Department of Architectural Design, Form and Colour Studies at the former Norwegian Institute of Technology.

Kjell Stig Amdam

  • Kjell Stig Amdam is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 327.
  • Kjell Stig Amdam was born in Trondheim in 1941. He has worked with visual art for over 25 years. During this period he has built up a wide contact network of galleries and art associations that distribute his art. One of Kjell Stig Amdam’s characteristics is his use of gold-leaf – a technique he learned over 20 years ago as he watched the monks at St John’s monastery at Patmos use it when painting icons. The gold has a symbolic meaning as well as being a decorative element.

John Rolseth

  • John Rolseth is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 325.
  • John Rolseth was born in 1954. He studied at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in the early 1970s, later followed by 3 years in Kent. He is best known for his non-figurative motifs.

Jens Johannessen

  • Jens Johannessen is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 303.
  • Jens Johannessen was born in 1934 in Orkdal outside Trondheim, and for many years has impressed and fascinated the public with his distinctive paintings. He studied in Trondheim and Oslo as a student of Roar Wold and Reidar Aulie. Jens Johannessen is a painter at an international level who is characterized by his varied expression. He has built up a strong position and is displayed in many national and international museums and institutions.

Jan Vincents Johannessen

  • Jan Vincents Johannessen is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 501.
  • Jan Vincents Johannessen is a multi-talented artist who works as the general manager of the Comprehensive Cancer Center in Oslo. In addition to holding several international positions, he is a highly acknowledged artist who uses words as well as visual art. He stimulates his audience to think for themselves through important aspects of life: romance and love, bringing up children, work, career and liberation from conventions.

Jakob Weidemann

  • Jakob Weidemann is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 516.
  • For many people, Jakob Weidemann (1923 – 2001) is the epitome of the Norwegian artist. He grew up in simple rural conditions in close contact with nature which has deeply influenced his work. Weidemann is renowned in Norway and has had exhibitions in the USA and Europe.

Inger Sitter

  • Inger Sitter is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 305.
  • Inger Sitter was born in Trondheim in 1929, but spent parts of her childhood in Antwerp in Belgium. She studied at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts as well as in Antwerp and Paris.
  • Today, Inger Sitter is regarded as one of Norway’s most talented visual artists, and as one of the earliest modernists she took part in moving the boundaries for the modern conception of art in Norway. Her numerous stays abroad have brought international impulses to the Norwegian art community. She expresses herself through painting, lithography and large, monumental decorations, and has established her standing as a graphic artist.
  • Inger Sitter has had countless exhibitions in Norway and abroad, and she has had a large number of significant commissions ranging from decorating the government office building in the 1950s to a 32 metre-long frieze in the Nordlyshallen in Hamar in connection with the Olympic Games in 1994. In 1998, Inger Sitter was awarded the highest Order of St Olav for her meritorious work for Norwegian pictorial art.

Henning Meyer

  • Henning Meyer is responsible for the pictorial decoration of room 511.
  • Henning Meyer (1946 – 2004) was born in Trondheim. He worked as a chemical engineer at the former Norwegian Institute of Technology for six years before becoming a full-time city artist. Henning Meyer sketched a total of 30 Norwegian towns and cities. His largest project is his sketch of Trondheim which he spent over 10 years doing before he died.

Håkon Gullvåg

  • Håkon Gullvåg has done the pictorial decoration in rooms 309 and 311.
  • Håkon Gullvåg (born 1959) is a painter and a graphic artist (lithography). He was born in Trondheim and grew up there. His semi-figurative expressions often suggest several shapes without any apparent connection. Still, they create an interaction that gives the picture a unified expression, but the connection is purely superficial.
  • He is known for his portraits of famous persons such as the Norwegian King Harald and Queen Sonja. For the time being, he is exhibiting parts of his personal collection of portraits in the reception and lobby lounge at Britannia Hotel.

Håkon Bleken

  • Håkon Bleken has done the pictorial decoration in rooms 513 and 515.
  • Håkon Bleken was born on Jnauary 9, 1929 in Trondheim. He is definitely one of the most famous contemporary Norwegian artists, and expresses himself through paintings and graphics. He is known for his engagement in the movement to prevent an urban development project in the Svart’lamoen area in Trondheim.
  • Håkon has been a loyal guest at Britannia Hotel for many years, during which he has designed the hotel’s artistic wine-labels. His largest project for the hotel is the decoration of the new congress hall, Britannia Hall. This painting is the 3rd largest in Norway done on canvas. The work was carried out with Håkon Gullvåg during the autumn of 1999 and winter of 2000.

Flettfrid Andresen

  • Flettfrid Andresen has been in charge of the decoration of room 724 which includes boas, jewellery and ice spurs.
  • Jacob Margido Esp is famous for his innocent drag comedy role as an upper-class lady from Singsaker in Trondheim – “Madam Flettfrid Andresen”. She is loved by all for her opinions and views on the small and large events of life seen from her viewpoint at “Crystal Palace”. Her language is borrowed from the genteel upper-class (but is not always successful here), despite this she is always funny.

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