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Basecamp Spitsbergen

Postboks 316, 9171 Longyearbyen +47 79 02 46 00

Thon Hotels collaborates with Basecamp Spitsbergen which offers unique experiences in the Arctic wilderness of Spitsbergen. Basecamp Spitsbergen run 5 eco-lodges and can also a variety of extraordinary outdoor adventures, including encounters with the polar bear and other rare Arctic wildlife.

Hotel Bristol

Kristian IV's gate 7, 0164 Oslo +47 22 82 60 00

CONFERENCE Hotel Bristol is located in the heart of Oslo city centre. It is only a short walk from the hotel to shopping opportunities, Oslo's main street Karl Johans gate, the Royal Palace, museums and the waterfront area Aker Brygge and most of Oslo's other attractions.

Stanhope Hotel

Rue du Commerce 9, B-1000 Brussels +32 2 506 91 11

Offering a luxurious escape from your daily life, Stanhope Hotel is situated in the European Quarter, near the historical center of Brussels and close to the famous Sablon Antique Square.

Thon Conference Universitetsgaten

Universitetsgaten 26, 0162 Oslo 24 14 55 10

CONFERENCE Thon Conference Universitetsgaten is a new, modern conference centre in the middle of downtown Oslo with excellent accommodations in close proximity. This centre is perfect for everything from small meetings to large conferences, events and tailored arrangements.

Thon Hotel Ålesund

Kongensgate 27, 6002 Ålesund +47 70 15 77 00

CITY Thon Hotel Ålesund is located in the heart of Ålesund town centre, at the end of the city’s pedestrian precinct. 200 metres from the air shuttle coach terminal, close to the high speed ferries and the Norwegian Coastal Voyage quay.

Thon Hotel Alta

Labyrinten 6, 9510 Alta +47 78 49 40 00

CITY Thon Hotel Alta is situated in the centre of the town in direct connection to the biggest shopping centre in Northern Norway. The hotel is a business hotel, but also well suited for holiday travellers.

Thon Hotel Arena

Nesgata 1, 2004 Lillestrøm +47 66 93 60 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Arena in Lillestrøm is a modern conference hotel with all possibilities of both small and big conferences, meetings and banquets. The hotel is centrally located in Lillestrøm, and is only a short walk from the train station. The train to both Oslo city centre and Oslo Airport takes only 12 minutes.

Thon Hotel Arendal

Friergangen 1, 4836 Arendal +47 37 05 21 50

CITY Thon Hotel Arendal is a modern town centre hotel on the waterfront in the heart of Arendal. It is only a short walk from the hotel to shopping, the cultural centre and other attractions in Arendal. The hotel can also organize meetings and conferences.

Thon Hotel Åsgårdstrand

Havnegata 6, 3179 Åsgårdstrand +47 33 02 07 40

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Åsgårdstrand occupies an idyllic position near the marina in Åsgårdstrand, with a panoramic view of Oslo Fjord. Åsgårdstrand is regarded as being an "artist's town" and a gem in eastern Norway. Edvard Munch's "The girls on the bridge" was painted just near the hotel.

Thon Hotel Astoria

Dronningensgate 21, 0154 Oslo +47 24 14 55 50

BUDGET Thon Hotel Astoria is one of Oslo's most centrally located hotels, situated close to the main street Karl Johan and the Oslo Central Station. It is only a short distance from the hotel to Oslo's shopping districts, tourist attractions, restaurants, bars and bustling city life.

Thon Hotel Backlund

Kirkegata 41, 7600 Levanger +47 74 08 16 00

CITY Thon Hotel Backlund is situated in the centre of Levanger, right by the park and the wharfs by Levangersundet right around the block. The hotel has 65 comfortable rooms, a reputable restaurant and meeting room facilities for up to 100 participants.

Thon Hotel Bergen Airport

Kokstadvegen 3, 5257 Kokstad +47 55 92 00 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Bergen Airport is a comfortable conference hotel close to Bergen Airport Flesland. The hotel features its own fitness centre with squash courts, swimming pool, fitness room and sauna.

Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge

Bradbenken 3, 5003 Bergen +47 55 30 87 00

BUDGET Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge is located centrally at the historic Bryggen waterfront area in Bergen. The hotel is currently undergoing renovations. We nevertheless keeps 106 rooms open for sale. In September we open with pleasure 109 of our newly refurbished rooms. Medio 2017 the hotel stands completely finished.

Thon Hotel Bjørneparken

3539 Flå +47 32 05 35 70

Thon Hotel Bjørneparken situated in Flå in Hallingdal, close to the nature and in direct connection to Bjørneparken Shopping Centre. The hotel offers 56 bright and modern rooms, 30 apartments and a charming restaurant.

Thon Hotel Bristol Bergen

Torgalmenningen 11, 5014 Bergen +47 55 55 10 00

CITY Thon Hotel Bristol in Bergen is located in the heart of Bergen. It is only a short walk from our hotel to the Torgalmenningen square, Bergen waterfront and the fish market.

Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie

Avenue Louise 91-93, B-1050 Brussels +32 2 543 3311

The largest bedrooms of Brussels on the trendy Avenue Louise and nearby the Sablon Antique Square. The 4-star Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie is ideal for both business travellers and tourists and offers 5-star service.

Thon Hotel Brønnøysund

Sømnaveien 98, 8900 Brønnøysund +47 75 00 89 00

CITY The hotel is located in the centre of the idyllic coastal town of Brønnøysund, 300 metres from the Norwegian Coastal Voyage quay and the bus station, and only 2 km from Brønnøysund Airport. Large car park outside the hotel.

Thon Hotel Brussels Airport

Berkenlaan 4, 1831 Diegem, Belgium +32 2 721 77 77

Smart, stylish and modern hotel offering affordable accommodation in quiet surroundings for a good night sleep.

Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre

Avenue du Boulevard 17, 1210 Brussels +32 2 205 15 11

The major 4-star hotel in the very center of Brussels with a panoramic sauna.

Thon Hotel Brygga

Nedre Langgate 40, 3126 Tønsberg +47 33 34 49 00

CITY Thon Hotel Brygga is perfectly situated at the harbour in the very heart of Tønsberg, overlooking the sea. Park your car just outside the main entrance, or moor your boat to the docks. The district offers many cultural events, museums, beaches and cliffs.

Thon Hotel Cecil

Stortingsgata 8, 0161 Oslo +47 23 31 48 00

CITY Thon Hotel Cecil is centrally located, close to the Norwegian parliament, Oslo’s main street, Karl Johans gate, Aker Brygge and Oslo City Hall. The atrium hotel is located right in the heart of Oslo, with restaurants, nightlife, shops and attractions just outside its door.

Thon Hotel Charlottenberg

Charlottenbergsvägen 2, 67332 Charlottenberg +46 571 78 1400

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Charlottenberg is a modern business and conference hotell with 200 rooms. The hotel is located next to Charlottenberg Shopping mall. There is a 1,5 hour drive by car from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, and a 1 hour drive from Karlstad to the hotel.

Thon Hotel EU

Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 75, B-1040 Brussels +32 (0)2 204 3911

Located in the European Quarter of Brussels, Thon Hotel EU is your eco-friendly hotel in Brussels and is an ideal starting point for both business and leisure travelers: most of the European Institutions are within easy walking distance and the historical city center is also about a stone’s throw away.

Thon Hotel Europa

St Olavs gate 31, 0166 Oslo +47 23 25 63 00

CITY Thon Hotel Europa is located close to the Royal Palace and Karl Johans gate, in a quiet but central part of Oslo. Both the airport express train and airport bus is just a 5 minute walk away, and all other public transport is within immediate access. Several museums are located in the area and it’s a short walk to the major shopping areas in Bogstadveien and Aker Brygge.

Thon Hotel Fagernes

Jernbaneveien 26, 2900 Fagernes +47 61 35 80 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Fagernes is a full-service hotel that offers 138 rooms and a large conference department in downtown Fagernes, right in the heart of Valdres.

Thon Hotel Førde

Hafstadvegen 26, 6800 Førde +47 57 82 81 10

CITY Thon Hotel Førde is a charming hotel with rich traditions dating back as far as 1860. The hotel has 69 comfortable rooms, a spa department, restaurant, pub and bar.

Thon Hotel Fosnavåg

Gerhard Voldnes' veg 7, 6090 Fosnavåg +47 70 08 10 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Fosnavåg is a new and modern conference hotel. The hotel has 115 rooms, and is located on the quayside of Fosnavåg. The hotel also features a restaurant where you get a great view of the sea.

Thon Hotel Gardermoen

Balder Allé 22, 2060 Gardermoen +47 64 00 45 00

BUDGET Thon Hotel Gardermoen is centrally located only 10 minutes from Oslo Airport Gardermoen in Romerike county. The hotel offers reasonable accommodation in modern and functional premises, and a delicious breakfast buffet.

Thon Hotel Gildevangen

Søndre gate 22b, 7010 Trondheim +47 73 87 01 30

CITY The hotel is perfectly located in the heart of Trondheim's commercial district, only a short walk away from shops, restaurants, nightlife and attractions. Behind the beautiful facade lies an inviting hotel in a building that dates back to 1908.

Thon Hotel Gyldenløve

Bogstadveien 20, 0355 Oslo +47 23 33 23 00

CITY Thon Hotel Gyldenløve is a modern, urban design hotel with minimalistic, scandinavian design in a friendly atmosphere. Situated on the west side of Oslo, right by the best shopping street in the city, the hotel is well suited for both business travellers and holiday guests.

Thon Hotel Halden

Langbrygga 1, 1767 Halden +47 69 21 33 00

CITY The hotel is located on the waterfront in Halden, boasting views of the inner harbour and the beautiful Fredriksten Fortress. During the summer, our guests can enjoy our outdoor restaurant at the quayside. Thon Hotel Halden also has seminar and conference facilities for a total of 380 guests.

Thon Hotel Hallingdal

Sundrevegen 82, 3570 Ål +47 32 08 20 11

Thon Hotel Hallingdal occupies a central position along national road 7, halfway between Gol and Geilo. The hotel is in Ål town centre, only a short way from the cultural centre, museums, ski arenas and the railway station.

Thon Hotel Hammerfest

Strandgt. 2-4, 9600 Hammerfest +47 78 42 96 00

CITY Thon Hotel Hammerfest is a well suited hotel for business travellers, conference delegates and holidaymakers. The hotel is located in the heart of Hammerfest, offering views of the harbour and with the Town Hall and the town park as its immediate neighbour.

Thon Hotel Harstad

Sjøgaten 11, 9400 Harstad +47 77 00 08 00

CITY Thon Hotel Harstad is located in a central position close to the quay, in the heart of Harstad. The view over Vågs Fjord from the guest rooms, and not least the conference department, is fantastic.

Thon Hotel Høyers

Kongensgate 6, 3724 Skien +47 35 90 58 00

CITY The hotel is in walking distance from the Telemark Canal, Telemark Museum, Henrik Ibsen's Museum, Brekkeparken and nightlife and shopping in Skien. The hotel has provided continuous hotel services under the same name for 160 years.

Thon Hotel Jølster

6841 Skei i Jølster +47 57 72 78 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Jølster is situated in beautiful surroundings at the north shore of the lake Jølstravatnet, between Bergen and Ålesund. Some of the most spectacular and well-known tourist attractions in this part of the country is within short distance of the hotel.

Thon Hotel Kautokeino

Biedjovággeluodda 2, 9520 Kautokeino +47 78 48 70 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Kautokeino is centrally located in Kautokeino. The hotel is close to all of the hunting and fishing opportunities offered by the Finnmarkvidda plateau.

Thon Hotel Kirkenes

Johan Knudtzens gate 11, 9900 Kirkenes +47 78 97 10 50

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Kirkenes is the biggest conference hotel in the town with 143 modern rooms and a capacity for up to 400 guests. The hotel is located on the quay in the town centre, with a view of the fjord.

Thon Hotel Kristiansand

Markensgate 39, 4612 Kristiansand +47 38 10 40 40

CITY Thon Hotel Kristiansand is a modern city center hotel centrally located by the main shopping street Markensgate. Kilden theatre and concert hall as well as restaurants, museums and other attractions in Kristiansand are all within short distance of the hotel.

Thon Hotel Kristiansund

Fiskergata 12, 6507 Kristiansund N +47 715 73 000

CITY Thon Hotel Kristiansund is an exciting business hotel. The hotel is beautifully situated at the Innlandet district, with a magnificent view over the strait to Kristiansund city centre and has its own seashore.

Thon Hotel Lillestrøm

Storgaten 25, 2001 Lillestrøm +47 66 93 63 30

CITY Thon Hotel Lillestrøm is a charming hotel, centrally located in Lillestrøm. The hotel is in 10 minutes walking distance to the exhibition hall, Norges Varemesse, and only a 11 minute train ride from Oslo City Centre and Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

Thon Hotel Linne

Statsråd Mathiesens vei 12, 0598 Oslo +47 23 17 00 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Linne is a newly renovated hotel located in a central position in the north of Oslo. It is close to the commercial districts of Helsfyr, Økern and Groruddalen. The hotel is a popular meeting place for meetings and conferences. We also have a popular restaurant that is equally suitable for business and family dinners.

Thon Hotel Lofoten

Torget, 8300 Svolvær +47 76 04 90 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Lofoten is located in a beautiful position in Svolvær harbour. The Norwegian Coastal Voyage quay is next to the hotel, and all of Svolvær's attractions are within walking distance.

Thon Hotel Maritim

Kongsgaten 32, 4005 Stavanger +47 51 85 05 00

CITY Thon Hotel Maritim occupies a central position in the heart of Stavanger. The hotel enjoys wonderful views of the lake Breiavatnet, and it is only a 2 minute walk to Stavanger's shops, nightlife, cultural and entertainment centres.

Thon Hotel Moldefjord

Storgt. 8, 6413 Molde +47 71 20 35 00

CITY Thon Hotel Moldefjord is located in the heart of Molde town centre, with its shopping street, shopping centres and attractions just around the corner. The hotel is located on Storkaia, with daily arrivals of the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, and fantastic views of the Molde panorama's snowy peaks.

Thon Hotel Munch

Munchs gate 5, 0165 Oslo +47 23 21 96 00

CITY Thon Hotel Munch is a newly renovated bed and breakfast hotel, located in a calm side street in the middle of Oslo city centre. The immediate vicinity offers everything you need, such as shopping, restaurants, theatres and public transport.

Thon Hotel Nordlys

Moloveien 14, 8003 Bodø +47 75 53 19 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Nordlys is centrally located close to the marina and harbour wall at Bodø. The hotel benefits from magnificent views, overlooking the Lofoten Wall mountains and the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, which sails right past the hotel.

Thon Hotel Opera

Dronning Eufemias gate 4, 0191 Oslo +47 24 10 30 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Opera is located close to the Airport Express Train Terminal at Oslo Central Station. You can find all types of public transport right outside our door. The hotel offers fabulous views of Oslo Fjord and the new opera house in Oslo.

Thon Hotel Oslo Airport

Balder Allé 2, 2060 Gardermoen +47 63 92 94 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Oslo Airport is a modern conference and business hotel, centrally located only 10 minutes from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. High standard facilities and professional staff makes the hotel a natural meeting point at Oslo Airport.

Thon Hotel Oslo Panorama

Rådhusgaten 7b, 0151 Oslo +47 23 31 08 00

CITY Thon Hotel Oslo Panorama is located in a quiet area of the Kvadraturen district in Oslo. The hotel is in walking distance of Oslo Central Station, and everything Oslo can offer of attractions, shops and night life. From the top floors of the hotel you can enjoy a panorama view of the Oslo Fjord.

Thon Hotel Oslofjord

Sandviksveien 184, 1337 Sandvika +47 67 55 66 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Oslofjord in Sandvika is one of Norway’s biggest seminar and conference hotels, centrally located in Sandvika, only 10 minutes from Oslo city centre. The hotel offers free parking, easy access with public transportation and large guest rooms.

Thon Hotel Otta

Ola Dahlsgate 7, 2670 Otta +47 61 21 08 00

CITY Thon Hotel Otta is a centrally located hotel with 85 newly renovated rooms and conference facilities for up to 250 people. The hotel is a natural link between Oslo and Trondheim, and its closest neighbour is Rondane National Park.

Thon Hotel Polar

Grønnegata 45, 9008 Tromsø
Postboks: 94, 9251 Tromsø +47 77 75 17 00

CITY Thon Hotel Polar is located in the heart of Tromsø, with everything "Paris of the North" is renowned for only a stone's throw away. The airport express buss stops close to the hotel.

Thon Hotel Prinsen

Kongens gate 30, 7012 Trondheim +47 73 80 70 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Prinsen is a full-service hotel with a welcoming atmosphere centrally located in the middle of Trondheim city centre, close to shopping, restaurants and other attractions. The hotel has 81 moderns rooms and one of the biggest conference departments in Trondheim.

Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Bergen

Rosenkrantzgaten 7, 5003 Bergen +47 55 30 14 00

CITY Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Bergen is a modern and newly renovated conference hotel in the heart of Bergen city center, just a few steps from the fish market and Fløybanen. Our new rooms are equipped with bathrobes, smart-TV, complimentary water among other things for our guests to feel special. In the room price you will get breakfast included every morning, in addition to free supper served in the Lounge of the hotel Sunday to Thursday between 6 and 9 pm.

Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Oslo

Rosenkrantz' gate 1, 0159 Oslo +47 23 31 55 00

CITY Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Oslo is a new design hotel in the heart of Oslo city centre. We have emphasized convenience, quality and comfort to make you feel at home whether you are staying for business or other purposes.

Thon Hotel Rotterdam

Willemsplein 1, 3016 DN Rotterdam +31 10 4134 790

Thon Hotel Rotterdam is located in the heart of Rotterdam, offering breath taking views of the famous Erasmus Bridge and Maas River. Because of the central location museums, theatres and attractions are within easy reach. Thon Hotel Rotterdam is the ideal base for both business and leisure travellers.

Thon Hotel Saga

Skippergaten 11, 5527 Haugesund +47 52 86 28 00

CITY Thon Hotel Saga is business hotel in the centre of Haugesund offering a friendly atmosphere, right by the town's pedestrian area and nearby the charming quayside.

Thon Hotel Sandnes

Roald Amundsens gate 115, 4307 Sandnes +47 51 96 20 00

CITY Thon Hotel Sandnes is a hotel for business travellers, conference delegates and holidaymakers. Thon Hotel Sandnes is located at Lura, between Sandnes and Forus, offering fabulous views of Gands Fjord. The hotel offers free parking for our guests.

Thon Hotel Sandven

Kaien 28, 5600 Norheimsund +47 56 55 20 88

Thon Hotel Sandven is a venerable and historical hotel built in 1857. The hotel is idyllically located by the fjord in the centre of Norheimsund in Hardanger.

Thon Hotel Skeikampen

Hotellvegen 3, 2652 Svingvoll +47 61 28 50 00

Thon Hotel Skeikampen is located at the foot of the Skeikampen mountain with idyllic surroundings. The hotel is only 300 metres from the nearest ski lift, 400 metres from Skitorget and the cross-country trails begin right outside our door. The hotel has conference facilities for 300 guests.

Thon Hotel Ski

Jernbaneveien 8, 1400 Ski +47 64 85 35 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Ski is located in the Follo region, only 20 minutes from Oslo city centre. The hotel is opposite Ski railway station and the airport shuttle bus stop. Thon Hotel Ski is part of a modern shopping mall, containing 145 shops and eating places, an 8 screen cinema, ten-pin bowling and library, and is the closest hotel to the Tusenfryd Leisure Park.

Thon Hotel Slottsparken

Wergelandsveien 5, 0167 Oslo +47 23 25 66 00

CITY Thon Hotel Slottsparken is an attractive apartment hotel located in a quiet corner close to the Royal Palace. The hotel is in walking distance of everything Oslo could offer, from museums and shopping, restaurants and nightlife.

Thon Hotel Sørlandet

Travparkveien 14, 4636 Kristiansand +47 38 17 77 77

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Sørlandet is a large family hotel in a wonderfully green location, within walking distance of Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park and one of Norway’s biggest shopping malls, Sørlandssenteret.

Thon Hotel Spectrum

Brugata 7, 0186 Oslo +47 23 36 27 00

BUDGET Thon Hotel Spectrum has one of Oslo's most central locations, only a short distance from the Bus terminal, Oslo Central Station and the Airport Express Train terminal. Oslo Spektrum, Oslo City, Gunerius Shopping, Karl Johans gate and many good restaurants are just outside the door.

Thon Hotel Stavanger

Klubbgata 6, 4013 Stavanger 51 59 95 00

CITY Thon Hotel Stavanger is a brand new hotel at the heart of Stavanger – a mere stone's throw away from everything the city has to offer in terms of nightlife, culture and entertainment.

Thon Hotel Terminus

Stenersgaten 10, 0104 Oslo +47 22 05 60 00

CITY Newly renovated Thon Hotel Terminus occupies a central location close to Oslo City shopping centre and the Oslo Spektrum exhibition hall. Oslo Central Station, Oslo's main street Karl Johan and other attractions are also within short distance of the hotel.

Thon Hotel Triaden

Gamleveien 88, 1476 Rasta +47 66 10 97 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Triaden is located in Lørenskog, only 10 minutes from Oslo city centre. Thon Hotel Triaden is a modern conference hotel with facilities for up to 650 participants.

Thon Hotel Tromsø

Grønnegata 50, 9008 Tromsø +47 77 69 80 50

CITY Thon Hotel Tromsø is a modern business hotel with 152 well equipped rooms and capacity for up to 300 guests. The hotel is situated in the city centre, near the airport express bus stop and public transportation.

Thon Hotel Trondheim

Kongens gate 15, 7013 Trondheim +47 73 88 47 88

BUDGET Thon Hotel Trondheim is located in the heart of historical Trondheim. It is only 50 metres to Torvet square and the hotel is located close to theatres, shops and restaurants.

Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion

Sognsveien 77C, 0855 Oslo +47 22 02 80 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Ullevaal is a modern conference hotel adjacent to Ullevaal Stadion, Norway's national football arena. The hotel has conference and meeting rooms for up to 800 persons, in cooperation with Ullevaal Business Class.

Thon Hotel Vårsøg

Svartvassvegen 1, 6650 Surnadal +47 71 65 71 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Vårsøg is situated in the town center of Surnadal, and is a great starting point for exploring the majestic surroundings and the northern Møre region.

Thon Hotel Vettre

Konglungveien 201, 1392 Vettre +47 66 90 22 11

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Vettre is located in quiet and rural surroundings in Asker, only a 20 minute drive from Oslo city centre. You can enjoy the vicinity of the fjord, and wander along the coastal heritage trail to the idyllic Konglungen and Vollen.

Thon Hotel Vica

Fogdebakken 6, 9513 Alta +47 78 48 22 22

CITY Thon Hotel Vica is centrally located in the old part of the town called Bossekop. The hotel is a rebuilt farm. The hotel is close to Alta's shops and museums and only a short way from the sea and hiking tracks.

Thon Hotel Vika Atrium

Munkedamsveien 45, 0250 Oslo +47 22 83 33 00

CONFERENCE Thon Hotel Vika Atrium occupies a central position at Aker Brygge in Oslo city centre. It is only a short walk from the hotel to, among other places Karl Johans gate and the National Theatre. In addition to its splendid rooms, the hotel has 18 seminar and conference rooms in pleasant surroundings.

Thon Hotel Wergeland

Kirkegata 15, 4611 Kristiansand S +47 38 17 20 40

CITY Thon Hotel Wergeland is centrally located near Wergelandsparken, Domkirken and Torvet in Kristiansand. The hotel is adjacent to the Sandens shopping centre and it is only a short walk to Kristiansand's popular shopping pedestrian precinct, Markens. We have large, charming rooms, and serve a tasty breakfast in comfortable surroundings.

Thon Kystferie Apartments

Nordøyan, 8900 Brønnøysund +47 75 00 89 00

Thon Kystferie Apartments is situated at the north of the island Torget in Brønnøysund in Nordland county. Enjoy the view over the Brønnøysundet strait. The Norwegian Coastal Steamer passes right by the apartments.

Thon Residence EU

Rue d'Arlon 81, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium +32 (0)2 204 3913

Thon Residence EU is situated in the European Quarter of Brussels. We offer fully equipped apartments for both short and long-term rental, ideally located within walking distance of most European Institutions.

Thon Residence Florence

Avenue Louise 125; B-1050 Bussels +32 2 543 3319

With our recently renovated apartments at Thon Residence Florence we are mixing elegance and comfort to offer the best furnished apartments in the centre of Brussels.

Thon Residence Parnasse

Rue d'Idalie 8, B-1050 Brussels +32 2 505 9800

Thon Residence Parnasse has 160 luxuriously furnished apartments for both short and long term stays. We offer fully equipped and comfortable one-, two- and three-bedroom where cosy decor is combined with privacy and all aspects of personal security.

Thon Skitorget Apartments

Skeikampen, 2652 Svingvoll +47 61 22 50 00

Thon Skitorget Apartments offers family friendly apartment in Skeikampen.

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