Thon Basic agreement terms and conditions

The parties to the agreement

The present agreement is being entered between Thon Hotels, hereinafter referred to as the Supplier, and the Customer. The term Customer refers to the parent company and subsidiaries with more than 50% ownership or a defined purchasing organisation. The term Supplier refers to the hotels in Thon Hotels participating the scheme from time to time.

The Customer shall employ the Supplier as the preferred supplier of hotel services.

The present Agreement summarises the benefits of the agreement and the obligations of the Parties.

Prices and terms of payment

Prices have been stated based on an expected volume of up to 500 room nights at the Supplier's hotels.

The agreement price per room per night applies to overnight stays at the Supplier’s hotels in Norway and Sweden.  Breakfast is included in all hotels in Norway and Sweden. Prices are stated without breakfast for hotels in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The agreement prices apply to individual travellers. The Supplier employs dynamic pricing in its hotels. This is based on supply and demand, and can change on a daily basis. A 15% discount is given for Thon Basic at the Supplier’s three highest ordinary price levels (Flex A to Flex C). See the price information on “My Page” at There may therefore be discrepancies between the lowest ordinary price levels and the Thon Basic agreement price. The Customer is free to reserve any price type available from time to time. Note that special terms and conditions may be attached to reservations of different price types to the agreement price.

Separate terms and conditions shall apply to group or conference reservations.

To enjoy the benefits associated with Thon Hotels, all reservations must be made through

The Supplier accepts all the commonest payment and credit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Diners). Room payments shall be made straight to the hotel, and guests are personally responsible for their bills.

In the event of changes beyond the control of the Supplier to VAT and other taxes, the prices in the present Agreement shall be adjusted accordingly. The Supplier reserves the right to and will adjust prices on 1 January each year. The changes will also be announced on “My Page” at

The prices specified in the present Agreement include VAT. The prices are not entitled to commissions.

Cooperation and monitoring

The Customer will find updated statistics on “My Page” at These statistics will be based on room nights, accommodation turnover and average prices.

Should the Customer provide volumes in excess of the agreed, the Supplier shall contact the Customer for further monitoring and changes in cooperation.


The Customer shall undertake to disseminate information about the Agreement, its benefits and terms and conditions inhouse, and refer to the Agreement in the company travel policy. The order codes given to the Customer through the present Agreement shall be used in ordering.

Ordering/cancellation of bonus scheme

Orders and cancellations can only be submitted via The benefits of the present Agreement shall not be available to orders submitted through other channels beside the above.

The Supplier shall offer the Customer’s employees membership of its loyalty scheme. For more information, please refer to “My Page” at

The Supplier cannot guarantee room availability until 3 pm on the arrival date at the earliest. Unless arrival after 4 pm has been agreed and guaranteed in advance, the hotel shall be entitled to cancel orders. Room reservations can be cancelled until 4 pm on arrival date. The client is financially liable for no shows. Guests must check out by 12 noon on departure date unless otherwise agreed. The Customer may be charged an extra night if the checkout time is not complied with.


All information supplied by the Supplier to the Customer relating to the present Agreement shall remain the property of the Supplier. Without the Supplier's consent, such information may not be disclosed to third parties by the Customer for other purposes besides compliance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Termination of the Agreement

The present Agreement may be terminated by either party if:
- The other party suspends payments, files for compulsory composition, becomes insolvent or is declared bankrupt.
- The other party commits a material breach of contract.

During the term of the Agreement, the Agreement may be terminated by either party at three months’ notice. All notice to terminate must be in writing.

Force Majeure beyond the control of TH or the hotels, such as strikes, lockouts, files, failed supplies, shall entitle both parties to revoke the Agreement without the right to compensation.

The duration of the Agreement

The present Agreement shall enter into force upon signing and continue until termination.

The Agreement may be viewed on “My Page” at

The agreement shall enter into force once the present terms and conditions have been approved and from the time the Supplier receives such approval.