Your green bonus at Thon Hotels Brussels

Support the sustainable hotel action at our hotels in Brussels: contribute to a good cause or get a EUR 5 reduction at the bar or restaurant.

At Thon Hotels Brussels, we do our utmost to promote sustainable consumption. As one of the leading hotel chains in the European capital, we are aware of our ecological footprint and are doing what we can to reduce it. We strive to have a sustainable approach for all our hotels in Brussels.

For this reason, all our guests who are staying two or more nights at one of our hotels in Brussels can choose if they want to have their room cleaned up during the stay or if they prefer to donate 5 EUR to charity or to use it at the hotel’s restaurant or bar.

It is very easy, if you do not wish to have the room made up, just hang the special door tag outside the door of your hotel room. Voilà, you will receive your 5 EUR-coin. If you wish to donate it to charity, just look for the “totem” in the reception area where you can choose for which association you would like to make a donation.

The money raised can contribute to either a green, healthy and friendly environment in local schools, a hot meal for a disadvantaged person or to feed a baby hedgehog or squirrel before release. By offering the choice between several associations, guests can consciously choose the association with which they resonate the most.

Thon Hotels Brussels has decided to support causes that act at a local level, in order to contribute to the development by raising awareness among a wide audience. The sustainable guest reward and donation action also goes hand in hand with the other activities Thon Hotels is organizing in regards to social responsibility in Brussels.

Our guests can choose among the three following associations:

Birds Bay

Birds Bay is a hospital for wild animals based in Ottignies, around 30 km outside of Brussels. Since 1978, the wild animal shelter saved thousands of injured animals with the objective to reintroduce them into the wild.

Volunteers and veterinary students run the activity of Birds Bay; however, there are still several costs to cover for cages, food and medicine. With our guests’ donation at one of our hotels in Brussels, the costs of feeding a baby hedgehog or squirrel for 4 weeks are covered.

Red Cross

With your donation for Red Cross, you will support around 15 soup bars in Brussels which are open during winter to provide a solidarity meal that is offered to people in need. Red Cross invites everyone to come in to warm up, eat a slice of bread, get a hot cup of coffee or tea, or simply to have a chat with other people. With each donation, one hot meal for a person in need is financed.

Good Planet Belgium

Good Planet Belgium is developing numerous projects, trainings and teaching packages on a variety of sustainability themes such as mobility, biodiversity and consumption. With the donations, Thon Hotels Brussels offers a garden kit featuring seeds and a documented guide to a class at a local school. By doing this, the children will get a taste of the pleasure of gardening and growing their own food.

The objective of this specific project is to make children discover and taste vegetables and to be astonished by nature in a playful way. In 2017, 1500 garden kits were distributed thanks to this cooperation.


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