We are happy to offer accommodation at Hotel Bristol.


  • 2095 kr - Standard room – 1 person in room
  • 2395 kr - Standard romm – 2 persons in room
  • 2895 kr - Business room – 1 person in room
  • 3195 kr - Business room – 2 persons in room
  • 4095 kr - Suite – 1 person in room
  • 4095 kr - Suite – 2 persons in room

Terms and conditions


  • Breakfast is included in the rate
  • Cancellation is possible
  • If you plan to arrive after 16:00, the first night must be paid in advance
  • If you have not guaranteed your reservation by paying for the first night, your reservation will automatically be cancelled at 16:00
  • Thon Hotels have an age limit of 18 years for overnight stays without a guardian
  • If your stay has not already been paid for, we will either charge or authorise your card for the accommodation cost at check-in
  • Your and/or the guest’s contact details will automatically be stored in our systems when we register your reservation


Offer valid until Mon. 3 Oct.

The deadline for booking for this event has passed.

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