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Local flavours at Brasserie Paleo

Enjoy a 3-course dinner at Brasserie Paleo, you will also be served a welcome drink. This popular restaurant use local products, seasonal vegetables and organically produced food.

The modern philosophy of Brasserie Paleo is easy. The human body is a finely tuned machine. Not least is the food we eat important for it to function optimally. In our industrialized world it presents some challenges, therefore Brasserie Paleo decided to take inspiration from that time when nature was untouched and people lived as hunters and fishermen.

Welcome to pure, authentic and innovative dining experiences.

Membership level: Platinum
Number of persons: 1 person
Available: Until 31. December 2018

This local experience is offered by Thon Hotel Gyldenløve, Thon Hotel Munch, Thon Hotel Slottsparken, Thon Hotel Panorama, Thon Hotel Terminus and Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Oslo, but does not require a stay.


Please contact your desired hotel to request this local experience.