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How to make your home feel like a hotel

Even if you’re working from home, your home should still be your refuge. Here are six tips for how to make your home feel like a hotel.

In our busy lives, we don’t always have time to unwind – which is why we all love staying at a hotel! We all appreciate an extravagant breakfast buffet and time for self-pampering, as well as fresh bed linen and exercise facilities.

Here are our best tips to make your home feel like a hotel:

1. Add some colour to your breakfast table.

The first tip is to serve a fantastic breakfast! Learn how to make fluffy pancakes, chia porridge with delicious toppings or a hearty omelette. Take it to the next level with fresh fruit, smoked salmon, fresh bread or pastries, or crispy bacon. Decorate your tray with fresh flowers and serve breakfast in bed. Bon appétit!

Get more tips on how to serve a hotel breakfast at home.

2. Stay in bed with your favourite TV series

When did you last watch a whole season in one go? Or enjoy a classic movie without being disturbed? Sneak your TV into your bedroom and make sure it can stream your content, such as a TV show, film or game. Chromecast is a product to turn your smartphone, tablet or computer into a TV remote control. It’s as simple as that!

3. Give your bedroom an overhaul

Our hotel rooms are decorated for luxurious relaxation. Use these simple tips to recreate this atmosphere in your bedroom:

  • Take time to make up your bed and remember that nothing beats the luxurious feeling of fresh linen. Open the windows and let in the fresh spring air!
  • Add a bedspread and some colourful cushions.
  • Place a stylish armchair, coffee table and reading lamp in a corner – to make your bedroom a refuge if the living room gets too crowded.
  • Thick curtains from ceiling to floor are also typical of many hotel rooms. Combined with colourful wallpaper or a contrast wall, you can create your own unique style. Try out different colours and materials – and see how this can boost your energy levels and make you feel good!

Cost-saving tips for interior decorators!

Currently, lots of stores offer both discounts and free delivery. If you have long been dreaming of new interior décor, you should act now. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend that you refurbish your cushions by making new covers yourself.

4. Get out of the kitchen

Sometimes you should treat yourself to something extra special. Hotels usually offer a minibar and restaurant with easy access. Here are some tips for how you can enjoy this type of service at home.

Stock up your cupboards with fresh vegetables, and your favourite snacks and drinks. Remember to include something for your sweet tooth. At dinner time, pick up a take-away from your local restaurant, or order in a gourmet dinner.

5. Create an exclusive hotel ambience in your bathroom

We also love a bit of luxury in the bathroom – as a place to unwind and care for your body and soul. It usually doesn’t take much to achieve this:

  • Get rid of any clutter and keep surfaces clear. Turn off the lights, and place some scented candles on the counters, floor or around the bathtub.
  • Play some acoustic music and keep your favourite book and some tasty treats close at hand. Keep your dressing gown and slippers close by, too, in case you’ve forgotten something!
  • Keep some rolled towels, fragrance sticks and exquisitely packaged bathroom products on a shelf. Decorate with a stylish stool, green plants or a full-sized mirror to enhance the mood of luxury. Complete the look with a triangular hotel label on the toilet paper.
  • Fill up the tub or take an extra-long shower, and add products like Epsom salts, essential oils or a bath bomb for deep relaxation. Take the time for a proper scrub, apply a face or hair mask, and finish off with a luxurious body lotion. Put your phone on "do not disturb" and enjoy the peace and calm.

Make your own scrub: A cup of brown sugar and 1/4 cup of olive oil makes a wonderful homemade scrub to massage all over your body, exfoliating dead skin cells and adding new hydration.

6. Convert your living room into a home gym

Endorphins are the body's own happy pill, and there's nothing like an exercise session to stimulate them. You may already have a training mat and some good equipment. But even if you just have a towel and your own bodyweight, there are plenty of exercises you can do indoors. Check out some exercise videos, connect your TV and get your personal trainer on the TV screen.

Tips: For more variety, your kitchen chairs and dining table can serve as benches, and full water bottles or bags of potatoes as training weights. So there is no excuse not to transform your living room into a complete home gym. Enjoy your exercise!