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Northern Lights attract tourists

Northern Norway is a spectacular destination to visit at any time of the year. During winter time, the amazing Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis if you prefer, attract sky-gazing tourists from all over the globe.

The season stars as early as august. Already at this time, many tourists head to Lofoten to experience this stunning natural phenomenon.

“Every year we have experienced an increase in the amount of tourists heading for our part of the world in order to see the magical sky. The Northern Lights are most prominent from the end of August until April, as long as it's dark. These amazing ‘special effects’ in the sky attract tourists from many different countries; USA, Germany, Japan, China, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Australia to mention some” – Lofoten Tourist Information

The Northern Lights can be appreciated in all their magnificence well beyond Lofoten. There are several beautiful destinations in the Northern Norway where you can experience the phenomenon. Thon Hotels has hotels in Bodø, Lofoten, Narvik, Harstad, Andesnes, Tromsø, Kautokeino, Alta, Hammerfest and Kirkenes. All these destinations are wonderful in order to get a truly memorable experience of the Northern Lights.


Thon Hotels has named a hotel in honour of the Northern Lights – Thon Hotel Nordlys. "Nordlys" is the Norwegian name for the Northern Lights. The hotel is situated by the waterfront in Bodø, and offers a clear view of the sea and sky. 

During autumn and winter, the Northern Lights can be seen dancing in the sky over Bodø.  In order to experience the lights, guided Northern Lights tours are immensely popular among guests. As soon as you are away from the city's artificial lights, the colors of the Northern Lights are even more dramatic.

If you are lucky, you might even see the Northern Lights from your own hotel room at Thon Hotel Nordlys. Hotel manager Kine Willumsen, explains how guests are thrilled when they discover this.

- At Thon Hotel Nordlys you will also find rooms decorated with images of the Northern Lights. If guests miss out on seeing the Northern Lights, due to overcast weather, they at least have the wallpaper as consolation. We get a lot of attention for this striking decor, and the Northern Lights have in several ways become our hotel’s ‘emblem’, says Willumsen.

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