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6 reasons why you should put Fosnavåg on your travel bucket-list

Dreaming of an active holiday with magnificent mountains, unique bird-watching, sea safaris, beautiful beaches and authentic cultural attractions?

Then don't make the mistake of overlooking Fosnavåg when planning your Norway trip! Set your sights on a summer holiday in and around the picturesque town of Fosnavåg, 90 minutes’ west of Ålesund.

In summer, the tourists flock to Fosnavåg to view the breath-taking scenery and unique puffin colony. Here are 6 reasons to visit Fosnavåg - our top picks for excursions in and around Fosnavåg.

1. Viking Pageant

1-2 July is when the summer pageant “The King’s Ring” is mounted, where the Viking Age and St. Olav are brought back to life in the amphitheatre at Herøy. Set on an outdoor  stage  with  the  Atlantic  on  one  side  and  the  fjords  on  the  other, you will be taken back to the time of the Vikings. The play rolls out a drama about  love  and  conflicts  between  generations  and  religions, and has been named one  of  Norway`s  best  historical  plays by the press. 

Hotel Manager Monica Bjørhovde at Thon Hotel Fosnavåg, just a 20 minute drive from Runde, lets us in on her own summer favourites:

“Personally, I’d come here in July to combine the amazing Herøy Pageant, a with a trip to one of Norway’s biggest bird colonies at Runde,” says Bjørhovde.

2. Rundebranden on Runde island

The two-kilometre trail takes about an hour. One of the main attractions of the island is that it has Norway’s largest puffin colony. Nature photographers and ornithologists from all over the world visit this small island to watch the puffins. Rundebrande is Norway’s third-largest bird mountain, and from mid-May to August, the puffins flock to Runde every evening.

“The wildlife here is unique. From the sea or on land alike, sea eagles are a common sight. Not to mention the seals, porpoises and even whales out in the fjord,” says the hotel manager.

3. Muletua at Nerlandsøya

Muletua is a cliff top with a steep 253-metre drop to the sea, but a gentler rise to the south. The trail is 2 km long and takes about 40 minutes to walk. Muletua is the most remote of these island cliffs and offers a stunning sea view. There is a little shelter with benches for eating your packed lunch.

4. Sollia on Gurskøy

Sollia is the highest mountain in the municipality of Herøy, rising 660 metres above sea level. The trail is almost 11 km long,takes about 4 hours, and offers a view in all directions of Herøy, Sande, Ulstein, the Sunnmøre Alps and the heights of Vanylvsfjella.

5. Runde lighthouse

Runde lighthouse is located at Kvalneset on the northwestern tip of Rundfjellet. This is one of 80 listed lighthouses in Norway, and there is an unmanned tourist cabin to stay in. The trail around Rundefjellet takes about 3 hours.

6. Kvalsund

This roundtrip goes from the end of Mjelthaugvegen to Storevarden, the highest point on the island of Nerlandsøya. This hike offers a scenic view of Fosnavåg town and the Runde bird mountain. The trail is just over 6 kilometres long.

Herøy municipality offers a wide choice of breath-taking mountain trails for hikers, but is also a popular destination for boat trips for puffing watching and fishing.

Photography: Steffen Voldsund/voldsundfoto.no

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