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Rent fashion from Be Selective at Stanhope Hotel Brussels

Rent fashion clothes from your hotel room

Stanhope Hotel Brussels by Thon Hotels has launched a sustainable fashion partnership with Be Selective, your luxury wardrobe for rent.

Rent or rent out your evening dresses, casual outfits, bags, jewellery and accessories from the latest designers. Be Selective makes the luxury wardrobe accessible for everybody in a sustainable way.

This concept is already very popular overseas and getting more and more popular in other European cities. Be Selective is the first concept in Brussels and with delivery all over Belgium.

How does it work ?

  • Check the website and choose your favourite outfit, bag or accessory
  • Make an appointment in the showroom or take advantage of the exclusive service for our guests: personalized fitting at Stanhope Hotel Brussels. Just choose the article on the website, select “fitting” and request this to be at “Stanhope Hotel Brussels”
  • Or get your delivery at home

A sustainable partnership

“At Stanhope Hotel Brussels, we support sustainable initiatives, which help to reduce the environmental footprint. The fast fashion being one of the most polluting industries, we want to encourage our guests to rent instead of buying. This goes hand in hand with the green actions that we organize at our hotel throughout the year. At the same time, this is an additional service for our guests who don’t have to travel with their cocktail or evening dress”, says Frederic Hill, General Manager of Stanhope Hotel Brussels.

With Be Selective, you can forget your daily fashion worries and the feeling that you do not have anything to wear in your wardrobe. Open your luxury wardrobe where you can rent your next fabulous outfit without ruining your bank account.

Staying at Stanhope Hotel Brussels? Ask the reception for all your advantages.