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Discover Tromsø by air or sea

Discover Tromsø by air or sea


Discover Tromsø by air or sea

Tromsø has more to offer than the Northern Lights during wintertime. How about experiencing whales close up, or discovering the town by air? Get comfortable accommodation at Thon Hotel Tromsø or Thon Hotel Polar while exploring the nature surrounding the town.

Whale safari by RIB boat

This excursion is heavily recommended for phot enthusiasts who wants to see whales up close or get near the elements of nature. Explore the fjords, where you also can look for sea eagles, guillemots, Arctic skua and seals.

Discover Tromsø by helicopter

Have a private helicopter trip around Tromsøya island and cross the mountain Tromsdalstind (1 300 metres above sea level). The trip lasts for about 15-20 minutes. From the helicopter you will get a stunning view of Tromsø, and you get to see the Lyngsalpene mountain area. During the trip you will also learn more about the attractions and history of Tromsø, as well as landmarks and buildings.

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