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Thon Hotels

Loung area in the Thon Hotel Opera suite

Thon WebDeal - Get our best rates online

Thon WebDeal is a special offer which is available when booking from thonhotels.com. The earlier you book, the bigger discount you get.

Up to 15 % discount on ordinary rates on our hotels in Norway.

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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
22. April
price 898
23. April
price 851
24. April
price 1 283
25. April
price 903
26. April
price 898
27. April
price 898
28. April
price 756
29. April
price 824
30. April
price 824
1. April
price 732
2. April
price 782
3. April
price 732
4. April
price 824
Prices are shown in NOK

When booking your stay at Thon Hotels on our website you also get access to our very best rates. Thon WebDeal is a permanent special offer giving you up to 15 % discount on ordinary rates on our hotels in Norway and Sweden, and is only available on thonhotels.com.

Terms and conditions

  • Thon WebDeal can only be booked from our website
  • The price must be pre-paid, and can be cancelled within 24 hours after booking
  • The price may be unavailable for certain periods.


Book online by using the booking search, or see our price calendar to find our best rates. If cannot see the rate "Thon WebDeal" in the search results, this means the price is not available for the dates you wish to stay.