Rafting in Sjoa

Rafting in Sjoa

Rafting in the white cascading rapids in Sjoa is world famous and is by far our most popular rafting tour.

A day trip in Sjoa takes us through a small part of Norway's exquisite nature. During the trip we experience everything from calm parts that flow through an open landscape to narrow gorges and cascading rapids. The rapids have their own names that either describe how the rapids came to be, what they look like or what happens when we raft through them. During the day, our journey takes us through the Gulf Stream, the Høystakkene (Haystacks) and Bye-Bye Baby. Depending on the water level, you may also experience the Washing Machine.​

In total we raft for about 15-18 km depending on the water level. The tour is both fun and exciting and ends with a warm lunch and a great shower at our base.​

Can be experienced between 1st June and 30th September.

Offered by: Thon Partner Hotel Otta
Number of persons: 1 person
Requires stay? No

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