Thon WiFi Usage & Privacy Notice

Thon WiFi is the name of a service that grants customers and visitors in Olav Thon Group’s (“OTG”) hotels, shopping centres and commercial properties access to OTG’s wireless internet service. The use of Thon WiFi is free of charge.

OTG is committed to protecting your privacy when you make use of our services. For that purpose, we have a policy on how your personal data are to be processed and protected by OTG.

How to use Thon WiFi

In order to use Thon WiFi, you must enter your mobile number in the solution. In some locations you will receive a unique code to be used for signing in. These data are anonymised and deleted after the selected login time.

You can choose how long you want to access the service yourself. The default is 24 hours, but you can also choose 7 or 30 days.

The login time will be continuously extended, with the selected time interval, by active use of Thon Wifi across OTG locations.

What uses do we make of personal data within Thon WiFi?

Personal data are used for managing your access to Thon WiFi and the internet. In addition, we use your device's unique address to generate OTG. These data are anonymised and deleted after 24 hours (default), or after 7 or 30 days if this is selected as the login time.

Registration of IP and MAC addresses (device ID)

Your IP and MAC addresses are used for identifying the device you use for connecting to Thon WiFi. Whenever you access Thon WiFi, you will be identifiable by your IP and MAC addresses. These data will be stored for 24 hours from your last sign-in.

General information about Thon WiFi

Thon WiFi is a free service for customers or users visiting the properties where Thon WiFi is installed. Any user of Thon WiFi should expect that their connection to Thon WiFi may become unavailable or unstable from time to time. The same applies to bandwidth and the general user experience. Any disruption to Thon WiFi due to maintenance will not be notified to the individual user in advance.

OTG is not liable for the individual user’s internet usage, for the functioning of applications or services when using Thon WiFi, or for other circumstances ensuing from the individual user’s usage of Thon WiFi.

Any illegal use of Thon WiFi either directly or indirectly may result in the individual user being reported to the police.

Access to your data

In order to guarantee that our data processing procedures are secure, only a small number of authorised individuals at OTG have access to data within Thon WiFi. Access to that data is secured by means of access control mechanisms.

Responsibility for data processing

Thon Holding AS, as the official Data Controller, is responsible for commercial use, development, and utilisation of data internally within OTG. At Thon Holding AS, the general manager, has executive responsibility for the commercial component of Thon WiFi. In addition, day-to-day responsibility is delegated to the marketing director of OTG.

The technical solution for Thon WiFi is supplied by Netnordic AS. Netnordic, as the official Data Processor, is responsible for the technical infrastructure, technical data collection and the technical storage and transmission of data, personal data and user data. At Netnordic, the general manager has executive responsibility for the technical component of Thon WiFi. In addition, day-to-day responsibility is delegated to the data centre manager within Netnordic. Olav Thon Gruppen AS is the data controller.

Personal data

If you wish to see what data concerning you have been stored as a result of your use of the Thon WiFi service, please contact customer services by email at: 

Data Protection Officer

The Olav Thon Group has appointed a Data Protection Officer in an advisory capacity to ensure that your personal data are processed responsibly and legally.

 If you have any questions or objections regarding Olav Thon Group's personal data processing, please email the Data Protection Officer at .