Hold your summer conference in the snow

At the brand-new conference hotel Thon Hotel Snø, you can take the entire company to the hotel and out into the snow no matter the time of year.

Conference hotel Thon Hotel Snø is opening in Lørenskog in June 2023. The hotel is located right next door to the impressive SNØ indoor winter sports facility, which has become a popular attraction for winter sports enthusiasts since opening two years ago.

Hotel Director Tamas Csorba is looking forward to welcoming business professionals:

"As a conference hotel, our goal is to offer all companies a unique experience.

I’m really looking forward to welcoming guests together with a new, talented team," he says.

A memorable experience

Marketing and Communications Director at SNØ, Lisa Strøm Walton, is also looking forward to offering businesses a memorable experience in partnership with Thon:

"For those of us who are passionate about giving our guests a unique full-day experience, having Thon Hotels next door is an added plus. That in itself is worth its weight in gold, especially for companies that come from far away," she adds.

From the seminar to the slopes

The hotel’s location is perfect for conference guests, as it is only around 30 minutes from both Oslo Airport and the capital.

Here you will find 289 rooms, seven meeting rooms and a large venue that can accommodate 320 people. After a day of seminars, take the lift down to the basement, strap on your skis and spend the rest of the day in the snow.

"We work closely with SNØ, so companies simply need to let us know what they want and we'll arrange it," says the hotel manager.

Ski activities for everyone

In a nutshell, there's no longer any reason to bring the gang all the way to the mountains for a day or two in the snow together. There are always perfectly prepared tracks and excellent downhill conditions next to Thon Hotel Snø.

"For example, you can organise a downhill competition, cross-country race or climb the ice wall with an instructor," says Jacobsen, who also points out that there are other fun activities at SNØ that do not require skis.

High ceilings and plenty of space

At the ski facility, you'll also find a 'hot zone' with high ceilings, plenty of space and various dining options, as well as an atrium that can be used for a variety of activities.

The hotel facilities will perfectly complement those of the winter sports facility. You can enjoy a simple lunch and chocolate bar at SNØ and a quality dinner at the hotel.

"We’ve hired a fantastic chef who will ensure an excellent culinary experience," promises the hotel manager.

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