From the hotel lobby to the ski lift in less than a minute

With an indoor winter sports facility right next door, Thon Hotel Snø is equipped for winter enthusiasts all year round. But, according to the hotel manager, the hotel is also a great option for those who prefer summer temperatures.

Man wearing blue ski suit carries a pair of skis in the Thon Snø indoor ski arena

At Thon Hotel Snø in Lørenskog, the skiing season never ends. During both summer and winter, you can strap on your skis in the hotel basement and step right out into the trails of the SNØ indoor facility.

"No other indoor snow arena in the world offers as much as SNØ. There's a ski slope, snowboard park, cross-country tracks, children’s slope and ice climbing wall," says the director of Thon Hotel Snø, Trude Vrålstad Jacobsen.

Ready for amazing experiences

Jacobsen has been with Thon Hotels for 16 years and is very enthusiastic about the winter sports complex right next door to the hotel:

"Thon’s high food and service standards and 'ski-in/ski-out' is a fantastic combination! I’m really looking forward to welcoming guests to Thon Hotel Snø together with a completely new team. Together, we will give our guests an amazing experience in terms of service, food and activities," she says.

From shorts to ski suit in a familiar Thon setting

After Thon Hotel Snø opens in June 2023, you can take the hotel lift down to the basement, strap on your skis and head right onto the ski slope. From there, you can enjoy a day of perfect skiing conditions since, after all, the best part about an indoor skiing facility is that you don't have to worry about the weather!

"The conditions here are perfect and the temperature is always between -2 and -4 degrees Celsius," says Jacobsen, who also mentions that you don't have to bring your own equipment. SNØ rents out all the equipment you need.

"If you have gloves and a hat, we can help with the rest! And if you forget those, you can shop for them at what must be the country’s most beautiful Sport 1 shops here at SNØ," she adds.

No doubt that it is Thon Hotels

The hotel reception area will have screens with live images from the ski resort and in the basement, you'll find large, modern dressing rooms where you can easily change before heading out into the snow.

When it comes to the overall design, the hotel will have the familiar urban and colourful style of other Thon hotels.

"There will be no question that you've booked a room at a Thon hotel. The rooms are all equally colourful and we serve the same fantastic breakfast as at all Thon hotels," says Jacobsen.

"But there may be the occasional wallpaper with a ski theme."

A hotel for everyone

As a conference hotel with meeting rooms of different sizes, Thon Hotel Snø is well suited for business professionals and others who are organising a group event, but among the hotel’s 289 rooms, you will also find several family rooms.

"We want to welcome everyone. With its short distance to the capital and airport, the hotel will be popular with the business and conference market, but the proximity to the indoor ski resort also makes it attractive to winter sports enthusiasts and families with children," says the hotel manager.

Everything you need for a pleasant stay

The hotel also has a gym, restaurant, bar and activity basement, so you have everything you need for a pleasant stay.

"It’s extra nice for families and couples who want to get away and enjoy a weekend without having to spend hours in the car driving up to the mountains to be sure of good snow conditions. We give you not only that, but also the luxury of a hotel only 20 minutes from Oslo," adds the hotel manager.

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