Gift card for hotel accommodation

Order gift cards with an amount of your choice at Thon Hotels – and it is super easy! If you are a member of THON+ you may also redeem your saved points for unique THON+ gift cards

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Digital Gift Card: Give away a wonderful stay at Thon Hotels

Do you know someone that deserve the perfect gift, but are unsure about what to give them? Ordering and sending a gift card is an effortless process that will surely be appreciated by the recipient.

During the last years Thon Hotels have refurbished both hotel rooms, lobbies, bars, restaurants as well as conference rooms across our lengthy country. Our focus on exceptional service and wonderful food experiences secured Thon Hotels the position as Norways best hotel chain in 2020, by the renowned customer research program Norsk Kundebarometer.

Add colour to the day of someone you love with a stay at one of our over 70 hotels in Norway, and let someone look forward to both the planning and fulfilment of their dream stay.

How do you order the gift card?

  • Navigate to
  • Choose which gift card you want to order
  • Pay with Visa, Mastercard or Vipps
  • Receive the gift card directly to your e-mail from
  • Print out the gift card and fill in the name of the recipient, or send it directly by email.

How do you use the gift card?

  • Book the hotel room in the usual way through our website.
  • When you get to the payment process, choose the payment method "Gift card".
  • Here, the balance on the gift card will be visible, as well as the amount that will be deducted for the stay. Finally, you will see any remaining amount that must be paid with available payment methods.

How to check balance?

  • You can easily check the amount on the gift card by scanning the QR code on the gift card with your phone.


  • The gift card can only be used for accommodation at our hotels in Norway.
  • Thon Hotels' gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, and can be used at
  • The stay must be booked by the expiry date, but the period of stay can be after this.
  • If you cancel a stay ahead of time, and the original gift card has expired, you will not be refunded the amount back to the gift card.
  • You can only book 1 room per booking.
  • The gift card can be used as a means of payment for accommodation booked at
  • Cancellation of stays is done at
  • For changes or cancellations of stays, Thon Hotels' price conditions apply.

THON+ gift card with accumulated bonus points

Our THON+ giftcard may be bought with earned bonus points. The gift card allows for two combined nights for one weekend at one of our hotels, and may be spent Friday - Monday.

Use of the gift card is subject to availability, and the card must be delivered at check in.

Read more about how you may order this gift card. is a shared giftcard for all AMFI- and Thon shopping centres including Thon Hotels. The giftcard may be spent at over 4000 stores at over 80 shopping centres and over 70 hotels in all of Norway. Choose between a selection of standard cards or create your own design.


Expiration date

We are unfortunately not able to extend the giftcards, please remember to check the expiration date. The stay must be ordered and fulfilled within the gift cards vailidty period.

Loss of giftcard

Take good care of your giftcard. A lost giftcard is the same as a lost wallet. The giftcard cannot be traced back to the recipient, and may therefore not be reimbursed.

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