Thon Hotels app

Book your next hotel stay with us at Thon Hotels quickly and easily using our app. Check in and out at your convenience – completely contactless! Always have your room key with you on your phone.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Benefits of using the app

  • Easy membership management
  • Payment card preferences
  • Easy check-in and check-out via the app
  • Digital room key
  • Best rates at your fingertips
  • Custom experience
  • Overview of upcoming and previous stays

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Use your bonus points in the app

As a member of THON+, you earn points in the app in the same way as when you book at The app also lets you easily book bonus stays. Once you have found a hotel and are ready to book your stay, you can use bonus points as payment – it's as simple as that!

Get a complete overview of all your stays

The app shows you key information about upcoming, existing and past stays. You can easily find information about hotel facilities and your room, as well as your receipts. By enabling push notifications, the app will also keep you updated with important information before, during and after your stay.

The app is personal

We customise your experience in the app. By remembering your previous choices and preferences, we make it even easier to book your next stay. The app also provides information and services tailored to your interests.

Check-in and room key in the app

If you have an upcoming stay with us and have downloaded the Thon Hotels app, you'll receive a push notification or text message at 9 am on your day of arrival that you can check in. If your stay is not prepaid, you will be asked to pay before you check in – directly in the app.

Once you’ve checked in, you will receive notification when your room is ready. This is usually at 3 pm unless otherwise agreed. You will then be given access to your own digital key, which you can use to unlock the room. 

Check out of your hotel room with the app

On the day of departure, you'll receive a push notification that you can check out of the room without having to visit the front desk. You can also add any items you’ve taken from the minibar and pay for them with the app. 

Thon Hotels invests in app

We are continuously developing the app in order to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Lots of new and exciting features are already on the way and will be available in the app on an ongoing basis.

Download and experience the new Thon Hotels App! 


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