Thon Hotels app

Book your next hotel stay quickly and easily in the Thon Hotels app. Check in and out at your convenience – completely contactless. You'll have your room key with you on your phone during your entire stay.

Book a stay, check in and out of the hotel and unlock your room with your digital room key. The Thon Hotels app gives you a complete overview of your hotel stays, membership and more. 

We develop the app continuously in order to ensure a seamless hotel experience. Lots of new and exciting features are already on the way and will be available in the app on an ongoing basis. 

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Download the Thon Hotels app

  • Use your phone to check in and as a room key
  • Get notified when your room is ready
  • All receipts and bookings conveniently at hand at all times

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play:

QR code for android

Easy ordering and payment

You can easily book your next stay at your favourite hotel in the app. Pay by Vipps, card, bonus points or gift card – the choice is yours. 

Smooth check-in process

Want to skip the line and go straight up to your room when you arrive at the hotel? Use the app to check in beforehand. You will be notified when your room is ready.

Room key on your phone

Thanks to the digital key card in the app, you can unlock the door to your room and gym, and use the lifts during your entire stay at the hotel.

Check out without having to stand in line

On the day of your departure, you can easily check out of your room when you're ready to travel. And without having to go through reception.

Did you take anything from the minibar? If so, you can pay for the items when checking out in the app.

Complete overview

The app shows provides information about your upcoming, existing and past stays. You can also find information about hotel facilities and your room, as well as your receipts.


If you have an iPhone, you can download our app widget. With the widget, you have an overview of the number of days until your stay, when you can check in, which room you are staying in, and easy access to the key from the lock screen.

Always up to date

By enabling push notifications in the app, we can keep you updated with important information before, during and after your stay.

Bonus points

As a member of THON+, you earn points in the app in the same way as when you book on The app also lets you easily book bonus stays. Once you are ready to book your stay, you can use bonus points as payment – it's as simple as that.

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