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Loyal customers deserve a reward. As a member, you earn bonus points and benefits at all our hotels.

Why become a THON+ member?

  • You will receive a range of benefits from Thon Hotels.
  • You can enjoy up to 12% discount on hotel stays when you book on our website.
  • You can earn 500 SAS EuroBonus points per night when you stay with us. You can also use your EuroBonus points for bonus nights at Thon Hotels!
  • Platinum and Black memberships earn you “Local Experiences”. These are unique local activities or perks customised to give you a better sense of the place you are visiting.
  • You will receive regular travel offers and tips that are appealing and relevant to you
  • Membership is free

See all the benefits and join

You can choose whether you want standard bonus points or SAS EuroBonus points

You can spend your bonus points on benefits such as:

  • Free accommodation
  • Accommodation gift card that you can give to someone else
  • Gift card for Olav Thon Group shopping centres
  • Discount on car rental from Avis Bilutleie
  • Tickets to Bjørneparken in Flå
  • Restaurant experiences

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Membership level


Gold 0–9 nights per year
Platinum 10–29 nights per year
Black 30 nights or more per year

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