Loyal customers deserve a reward. As a member, you earn bonus points and benefits at all our hotels.

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You can use the bonus points for a new stay at a Thon hotel in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Brussels, or Rotterdam. You can also choose to exchange the points for "" which can be used to buy whatever you want at about 100 Norwegian shopping centres.

Why become a THON+ member?

  • You earn 1,000 - 1,500 bonus points per night.
  • You get up to 12% discount on hotel stays when booking through our website.
  • You receive a range of benefits at our hotels.
  • You can choose whether you want regular bonus points or SAS EuroBonus points.

See all the benefits and joinose whether you want standard bonus points or SAS EuroBonus points


Membership level


Gold 0–9 nights per year
Platinum 10–29 nights per year
Black 30 nights or more per year

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