Agreement terms for Thon Business Deal.

Parties to the agreement


Thon Business Deal is a concept where we offer smart solutions to business customers at our hotels in Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.

This agreement is entered into between Thon Hotels and you, the customer. In this context, the term “customer” refers to parent companies and subsidiaries in which the parent company has a shareholding of more than 50%, or a specified purchasing organisation.

A summary of the benefits of the agreement and the obligations of the parties are described in this agreement.

Rates and payment terms


For hotel stays at Thon Hotels, the contract rates apply per room, per night. Breakfast is included at all hotels in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


The contract rate applies to individual travellers. Thon Hotels uses dynamic pricing for its hotels, which means that rates may fluctuate from day to day. Business Deal provides a discount of 13 % on standard rates.

The Customer is free to book any rate category that is available at any given time. Please note that special conditions may apply to bookings made for rate categories other than contract rates.

Separate terms apply to group or conference bookings. Bookings of more than 10 rooms are considered to be group bookings.


To enjoy the benefits associated with Business Deal, all reservations must be booked and cancelled on thonhotels.no or via the Thon Hotels app. Link your company agreement to your profile in the app: https://www.thonhotels.no/app/


Thon Hotels accepts the most popular credit and debit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Diners). Room payments must be made directly to the hotel, via thonhotels.no, or via the Thon Hotels app. Guests are personally responsible for their accounts. All rules regarding bookings, cancellations, arrivals, departures and payment are stated on thonhotels.no.


In the event of changes to government fees that are beyond the control of Thon Hotels, the rates stated in this agreement will be adjusted accordingly. Thon Hotels reserves the right to implement a rate adjustment on 1 January each year, and will do so. All rates specified in this agreement include value-added tax (VAT). The rates are not eligible for commission.

Collaboration and follow-up


If the Customer delivers a volume above that which is agreed here, Thon Hotels will contact the Customer for further follow-up and collaboration.



The Customer undertakes to provide information about the agreement internally within their company, including information about the terms and benefits of the agreement, and to refer to the agreement in the company’s travel policy. The booking codes provided to the Customer under this agreement must be used when making bookings.

Bookings/cancellations and the loyalty programme


Thon Hotels offers the Customer’s employees membership in its loyalty programme. For more information, please see THON+.


Thon Hotels cannot guarantee the availability of rooms prior to 15:00 on the arrival date. Unless arrival after 16:00 has been agreed and guaranteed in advance, the hotel is entitled to cancel the booking. Rooms can be cancelled up to 16:00 on the arrival date. The booker is financially responsible for unused guaranteed rooms (no-show). Check-out on the departure date is before 12:00 unless otherwise agreed. If the check-out time is not observed, the Customer may be charged for an additional night.



All information provided by Thon Hotels to the Customer in connection with this agreement shall remain the property of Thon Hotels. Such information must not be disclosed by the Customer without the consent of Thon Hotels, other than for the purposes of fulfilling the terms of this agreement.

Termination of the agreement


This agreement may be terminated with immediate effect by either party during the period of the agreement if:
- a party suspends its payments, initiates statutory negotiations with creditors, enters into liquidation or is declared bankrupt.
- a party has committed a material breach of the agreement.


Unforeseen circumstances (Force Majeure) beyond the control of the Thon Hotels chain or its individual hotels (strike, lockout, fire, supply failures, etc.) shall entitle both parties to cancel the agreement without any obligation to pay compensation.

Duration of the agreement


This agreement applies from the date of registration (through the digital approval of the terms) until such time as it is terminated. The agreement may be terminated by both parties at any time. Notice of termination of the agreement must be given in writing.

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