Woman and child in an electric car

You can charge your car while sleeping

At Thon Hotels Brussels, we are aware of our environmental footprint and want to do what we can to reduce it.

Electric car chargers are available at all Thon Hotels and Residences in Brussels. This is providing you quick charging solutions for your electric car.

You can find the electric car chargers in the hotels’ parking facilities, underground parking or outdoor parking.

You can use the electric charging stations while having lunch or dinner, attending a meeting or while staying overnight at one of our hotels or apartments in Brussels.

We provide charging stations in partnership with Blue Corner and Tesla.

Thon Hotel EU & Thon Residence EU

  • 26 parking places with electric chargers -> 6 Tesla chargers and 20 by Blue Corner
  • 1 electric charger for bikes
  • Entrance parking: Trierstraat/Rue de Trêves 120

Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie

  • 5 parking places with electric chargers -> 2 by Blue Corner, 2 Tesla only and 1 Tesla universal
  • Entrance parking: Livornostraat/Rue de Livourne 12

Thon Residence Florence

  • 2 parking places with electric chargers -> 1 Tesla only, 1 Tesla universal
  • Entrance parking: Florencestraat 1/Rue de Florence

Thon Residence Parnasse

  • 2 parking spots with electric chargers -> 1 Tesla only, 1 Tesla universal

Thon Hotel Brussels Airport

  • 1 parking place with Tesla universal charger

Stanhope Hotel Brussels

  • 1 parking spot with electric charger provided by Blue Corner

Please note that while charging your car, parking charges might occur. Parking spots with electric chargers upon availability. For more detailed information, please contact the Front Desk.

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