Great breakfast. Great day.

Locally sourced produce, great flavours, a relaxed atmosphere and top quality ingredients: Get a great start to the day at Thon Hotels.

A great start sets the tone in any setting. We are convinced that a great breakfast helps create a great day – and that is why we go the extra mile to create the experience you deserve.

"We see it as our duty to give our guests a great start to the day. And then a great breakfast is a matter of course," says Johan Love Laursen, food and beverage director at Thon Hotels.

"With us, you should feel welcome and be sure that you get everything that comes with a great breakfast.

Focus on locally sourced produce

Thon Hotels aims to be the best at breakfast. In line with Olav Thon’s sustainability goals, at least 70% of the produce you find on Thon’s breakfast table must be locally sourced by 2030.

"We want to use Norwegian farmers and highlight Norwegian food treasures. So much great produce is produced around the country, by people who are passionate about quality," says Laursen.

"Like that it tastes even better, too!

The fact that several local specialities are making their way onto Thon’s breakfast buffets also means that you will have different culinary experiences depending on where you are in the country. Varied products – but always equally tasty and local.

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Great breakfast all over the country

Fortunately, we are not the only ones who think a great breakfast is important.

Every year, Twinings Best Breakfast awards the country’s best breakfasts, known as the unofficial Norwegian hotel breakfast championship. Here, the hotels are assessed based on a number of criteria, such as the quality of the products, selection, presentation, information for the guests, service, atmosphere, cleanliness and tidiness.

One winner is chosen for each district based on the old county divisions, who all qualify for the final of Norway’s best hotel breakfast.

At the last awards, as many as six of our hotels won in their districts:

  • Thon Hotel Oslofjord (Akershus)
  • Thon Hotel Arendal (Aust-Agder)
  • Thon Hotel Alta (Finnmark)
  • Thon Partner Hotel Elgstua (Hedmark)
  • Thon Hotel Lofoten (Nordland)
  • Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz (Oslo).

The latter can not only boast of having Oslo’s best breakfast, but also took bronze in the final of Twinings Best Breakfast 2022. And that is also for "being great at looking after the guests" and for "offering an intimate and cosy, top quality breakfast in the heart of Oslo", according to the jury.

At Thon Hotels you are guaranteed a great start to the day – no matter where in the country you are.

Great breakfast. Great day.

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