The Atlantic Road seen from above. A boat is driving on the water. Mountains can be seen in the background.

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We want our guests to eat well, and to look forward to getting up for breakfast when they go to bed at night. Awarded by the prestigious Twinings Best Breakfast competition, we focus on organic and home-made food that gives you a great start to the day.


An important role of Norwegian life and culture is the great outdoors. Our vast country offers everything from breath-taking scenery, midnight sun and beautiful fjords, to festivals, vibrant city life and unforgettable culinary experiences. Stay at one of our many hotels, and enjoy Norway where you wish to be.

View of the Geirangerfjord on Sunnmøre
Scenic view over Ålesund in Norway at evening time
Scenic view in Lofoten in Norway, showing pink flowers, still ocean water, the coast line and mountains.
Scenic view with a man overlooking over Fossjuvet in Forsand.
Scenic image of Preikestolen in a rosy-colored sunset Stavanger
Image of the city of Stavanger in Norway
Scenic image of the Atlantic ocean road in Norway
Scenic image of a fisherman's boat on the sea in the sunset
Overview of the beautiful scenery in Lofoten

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