Reception of fresh fish

Start the day on an authentic fishing boat, hunt for cod in the Lofoten sea. When you come back to the hotel, you hoist the fish ashore and learn how to fillet your own catch. You end the day with the «taste of Lofoten» in the hotel's restaurant.

Fishing has always been an important industry in Lofoten, both for small and larger boats, amateurs and professional players.  The fishermen gathered to deliver and get paid for their catch of the day at local "fish receptions". Here the fish can be further processed. Fish is filleted, salted, frozen or prepared for transport or drying on a fish rack.

At the quay, Thon Hotel Svolvær has created its own "fish reception". After a fishing trip our guests can participate in hoisting the fish ashore and learn how to fillet their own catch, make caviar, or prepare the catch for the evening meal. Fresh fish from Lofoten is a delicacy, but it is even better if you have caught it yourself!

Imagine starting the day on an authentic fishing boat. Hunt for cod in the Lofoten sea, help hoist the fish ashore, learn how to fillet, before ending the day with the "taste of Lofoten" in the hotel's restaurant.

The "fish reception" offers memorable activities and tasting experiences for our guests to participate in, such as "Taste Of Lofoten", "Lofoten Seafood Theatre" and caviar courses.

Contact us for exciting suggestions for both individuals and groups.

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