Brightens up the day for young footballers

For many, the Norway Cup is the highlight of the summer and an arena where you can play the sport you love and make lots of new acquaintances. At Thon Hotels, we are a proud partner, and many of you will also be staying with us.

Football pitch with the Norway Cup logo

On this landing page you will find information that is good to take with you on the road. A little about the hotels, rules to remember about what applies at hotels, which ones are included, etc.

The Norway Cup is the world’s largest football tournament for children and young people aged between 10 and 19. Dreams and memories for life are realised here. Our wish is to brighten up the day for young footballers in a tournament that provides great shared experiences and is the highlight of the year for many active children.

Thon Hotels has worked closely with the sport for a number of years and wants to be a contributor to the general football activity in Norway. We have a strong commitment to children and young people to be able to be active and enjoy sports.

Norway Cup 2023

At Thon Hotels, we look forward to welcoming you to this year’s Norway Cup. To make this the best possible experience for you, we have put together a checklist of rules and considerations to take into account to increase the enjoyment for everyone.

The most important thing for Thon hotels is that all guests are taken care of, which is why it is important to consider other guests staying at the hotel.

It must be quiet in corridors, stairwells and rooms between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Hotel rules

  • It is not permitted to throw things out of the window or hang things out of the windows.
  • Wet towels, gym clothes, shoes or other items must not be kept in the corridors.
  • Extra bins will be provided in common areas – consider both the environment and other guests by using these.
  • No playing with elevators, take others into consideration.
  • Football boots must be taken off outside the hotel and must not be worn inside the hotel under any circumstances.
  • Jumping on the beds is not permitted.
  • Food brought in must not be eaten in our common areas, meeting rooms or in our outdoor dining area. This must be consumed in the room.
  • For safety reasons, everyone must stay in their assigned room.
  • Hotel towels must not be taken off the hotel premises.


Each team leader is responsible for their team. Any damage and injury to either persons or the hotel’s property is the team leader's responsibility. Compensation will be claimed for any damages.

If someone triggers a fire alarm or misuses safety equipment, associated costs will have to be paid for. As of today, the cost of fire and rescue services is NOK 10,000 per triggered alarm.

Serious incidents have consequences and being asked to leave early may be appropriate. In the event of being asked to leave, the stay will not be refunded.

We hope you have a fantastic stay at Thon Hotels. Good luck on the football pitch!

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