Price guarantee

We guarantee the lowest room rate for any Thon hotel when you make your booking on one of our websites.

Lowest price guarantee

By booking your stay directly through either our website or app you are guaranteed the best price and most benefits. If you have booked your stay directly through our channels and find a lower price with the same terms elsewhere, we will pay the difference. See our conditions below.

Member Benefits

As a member of THON+, our one-of-a-kind loyalty programme, you get up to 12 % discount on our regular prices as well as bonus points while you sleep. Accommodation booked via channels other than our own does not qualify for this.

Breakfast and WIFI included

If you order directly from us, you will receive free WIFI at all our hotels, and our award-winning breakfast included in the price at all of our Norwegian hotels.

More rooms available

There are many websites selling rooms at our hotels. These websites have access to sell a limited number of our rooms. This means that you are more likely to get the room you want if you book directly at or in our app.

"Few rooms left"

If you are told on our own website that there are "few rooms left" where you want to stay, you can be sure that this is correct. Our systems triggers the message “few rooms left” when there is 5 rooms of that room type left at the hotel. At destination level the message is triggered when there is 10 % availability or less.


  • The price guarantee only applies if you have booked your stay on or in our app
  • The price guarantee is only valid if you find another price within midnight on the same day on which you placed your order
  • The price guarantee applies only to the same hotel, same room type, same check-in and check-out date, and same number of guests
  • If you cancel or make changes to your order, the price guarantee will no longer apply


The price guarantee does not apply to reservations made in connection with

  • Promotional and offer prices
  • Group rates
  • Company Rates
  • Third-party prices where Thon Hotels have no control over prices and availability
  • Prices in connection with membership, as well as associations and clubs
  • Travel packages where rooms and breakfast are part of the price

Thon Hotels reserves the right to change the terms of the lowest price guarantee at any time.

Have you found a better price somewhere else? Contact us!

For inquiries regarding price guarantee, please contact customer service on telephone +47 21 49 69 00 or e-mail .

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