We are pleased to offer discounted rates at the Thon Hotel Orion and Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Bergen for the Emotion Revolution.

Rates :

Thon Hotel Orion:

  • 1695 kr - Standard Room, for 1 person. Per night.
  • 1895 kr - Standard Room, for 2 persons. Per night.

Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Bergen

  • 1695 kr - Standard Room Single, for 1 person. Per night.

Terms and conditions

  • Cancellation before 16:00 - 48 hours before the day of arrival.
  • Breakfast is included
  • Must be paid in advance when booking
  • Your and/or the guest's contact details will automatically be stored in our systems when we register your reservation
  • For cancellation and refund, you must contact the customer center within the deadline. Email:


Offer valid until 6. March 2025

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