Food Sharing Concept at Thon Hotels in Brussels

Thon Hotels Brussels is excited to announce a new food-sharing concept for your next event, conference or meeting in Brussels.

Food Sharing Concept at our hotels in Brussels

Instead of a standardized buffet, we offer our event or conference participants the possibility to sit together at one table. This is possible at any meeting or events such as birthday parties, weddings, or during team building. Enjoy the flavours of our nutritious meals without any rush and connect with your colleagues or friends and family.

We will place pots and bowls of homemade and traditional specialties, and surprising creations of chefs; brushstrokes of intriguing flavours and seasonal products of the highest quality. By placing it in the centre of the table, everyone can help themselves to what the heart and stomach desires. This is a unique way to share a good moment and to create a strong team spirit, no matter the occasion.  

Come together at one communal table

At Thon Hotels Brussels, we want to bring your meeting or event to the next level. Let us make your next gathering a memorable one based on delicious food in a great company. Coming together at one communal table will make the participants feel home away from home and ease communication.

Combined with our colourful and modern setting, the lunch or dinner will bring the participants together in a laid-back atmosphere. This is the perfect occasion for networking, conversations and laughter in a relaxed environment, creating an even stronger team spirit.

Combine our food and drink options according to your needs

We have based our nourishing food options on local and seasonal products with a high quality. You can easily combine the different options from our delicious menu to adapt it to your needs. 

Having in mind our ecological footprint in everything we do, this new concept will allow reducing food waste. We have developed our concept based on food waste reduction while at the same time not minimizing our offer for our guests.

Try our food sharing concept for your next event

Choose from our innovative menus with a variety of starters, main courses and desserts. Our food sharing concept is available for your next group from 10 – 25 people for lunch or dinner.

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