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This is how we make the great Thon breakfast

Here are the tricks that will lift breakfast to unimaginable heights!

Thon Hotels are known for exceptionally good breakfast! Not only are our hotels consistently selected for awards such as the Twinings Best Breakfast Award, but our guests also say that the great breakfast is one of the best things about staying at our hotels.

What exactly is the secret behind Thon’s breakfast success? According to the master chef Filip August Bendi, it’s as simple as it is brilliant:

"We have a goal that all our guests should find something they like on the buffet," he says. "And then it goes without saying that there will be a lot of good food!"

In January, he finished second in the unofficial world chef championship, the Bocuse d'Or. Now the master chef is back at Thon Hotels, where he is the creative developer of the breakfast buffet among other things.

Locally sourced

The goal of satisfying all palates naturally outs demands for the selection.

At the breakfast buffet at Thon Hotels you will therefore always find both hot and cold dishes, as well as a good mix of sweet pastries and fresh vegetables.

In addition to the wide selection, you can also expect several locally sourced items.

"The point is that the guests should notice that they are where they are, even at breakfast," explains Bendi.

If you find yourself in the north of the country at Thon Hotel Kautokeino, you will therefore find reindeer sausage on the buffet, while at Thon Hotel Svolvær you will be offered fresh croissants from the hotel’s own bakery.

At Thon Hotel Ålesund, the tasty local Strandaskinka will be served, and in Oslo, at Thon Hotel Storo, you can help yourself to honey from Thon’s own beehives.

Freedom in the kitchen

As part of the wide range, there also the chefs’ own specialities.

"Those who make the breakfast unique are those in the kitchen, who are passionate about quality and great ingredients.

That’s why the chefs themselves get to put their stamp on the breakfast buffet, and the joy of food is great, which is evident at the buffets around the country."

At Thon Partner Hotel Victoria in Hamar, the chefs have specialised in a variety of salads, at Thon Hotel Nordlys in Bodø they make apple porridge, while at Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz in Bergen they offer the kitchen’s own roast beef and smoked salmon.

Pleasant surroundings

To ensure that guests get the best possible start to their day, breakfast rooms are often the finest room in the hotel.

Several of the hotels have views from the breakfast room, where you can enjoy the surroundings and look forward to a new day.

"It’s important for us that our guests have a pleasant hotel stay and a great start to the day. At breakfast, you can always expect a "good morning" from those you meet there," says Bendi.

How to get the hotel breakfast feel at home

He himself is satisfied as long as there are eggs and bacon and great bread on the table, but master chef Filip August Bendi has several aces in his sleeve when it comes to creating that cosy hotel feeling at home.

One of the secrets behind a "hotel schwong" breakfast is to do as little as possible in the morning. One tip is therefore to prepare the evening before.

"Stress can ruin a good breakfast. Cut up vegetables and prepare toppings the night before and you can take it straight out of the fridge in the morning," suggests the chef.

"If you’re in the swing of things, you can also set the table the night before. Waking up to a set table will add to the hotel feeling."

In the Bocuse d'Ord Culinary Championships, the presentation of the food is almost as important as the food itself. Bendi then dates a silver platter on several floors. At home, he also thinks that presentation is important.

"Do not put the toppings straight on the table. Take the time to arrange the toppings on beautiful porcelain dishes and small bowls, and it will be much nicer!

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