Group of people driving Ribboat in Fosnavåg

Things to do in Fosnavåg

Fosnavåg is located all the way out at the edge to the sea on the west coast – just south of Ålesund and north of Stad. It offers spectacular nature experiences spiced up with exciting eateries and specialist shops.

  • Food and drink

Food and drink

Kami Skotholmen

Auf einer kleinen Insel liegt Kami Skotholmen. Hier gab es früher einen Handelsposten und ein Fischerdorf, was man auf jeden Fall merkt, wenn man im Restaurant in einer Fischerhütte aus der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts isst. Frischer Fisch direkt aus dem Meer in historischer Umgebung ist ein Erlebnis für sich. Und alles beginnt mit der zehnminütigen Fahrt mit dem Boot „Skreddaren“ oder „Lophelia“ vom Stadtzentrum von Fosnavåg aus.

Madelynn Coffee

Madelynn ist ein Café, in dem es weit mehr als Cappuccino und Chai Latte gibt. Es gibt eine amerikanische Speisekarte mit Sandwiches und Hamburgern, alle mit hohem X-Faktor. 

Restaurant Fosnavåg Brygge

Wenn Sie Lust auf eine Mahlzeit in maritimer Umgebung haben, ist das Restaurant Fosnavåg Brygge genau das Richtige für Sie. Wunderschön am Gästehafen von Fosnavåg gelegen, ist es in einem rauen Seehausstil eingerichtet, mit maritimen Antiquitäten und Werkzeugen aus der Umgebung als natürlichem Teil der Dekoration.

Restaurant Sjøkanten

Im Restaurant des Thon Hotels Fosnavåg können Sie ein Drei-Gänge-Menü in wunderschöner Umgebung direkt am Meer genießen. Dort gibt es frischen Fisch und hausgemachte Gerichte, zubereitet von Philip August Bendi, der den prestigeträchtigen Wettbewerb Koch des Jahres 2021 gewonnen hat. Gute Appetit!

Willys Gourmet

Sushi und Sauerteigpizza für unterwegs, gibt es etwas Besseres? Willys Gourmet ist ein Restaurant, das auch Catering und asiatische Spezialitäten wie Yakinuki und Frühlingsrollen, Sushi, Sauerteigpizza sowie Backwaren anbietet.

  • Mountain hikes

Mountain hikes

Fosnavåg is surrounded by beautiful mountains and there are many lovely mountain hikes that you can go on in the area, whether you just want to take a quick walk or go on an adventure that lasts all day. 


The most beautiful peak is Muletua at 253 metres above sea level. Enjoy fantastic views in all directions – to the west you will see Svinøya, to the south Skorpa, to the southeast are the other mountains in Herøy and to the northeast you will see Runde. At the top is a restored peat shed, a shed that used to store peat. The hike takes about 40 minutes. 


This is the highest mountain in Herøy and it rises 660 metres above sea level. At the top, you get views in all directions and see Herøy, Sande, Ulstein, Sunnmøre Alps and Vanylvsfjella. Simply put, a beautiful sight! The hike is about 10.8 kilometres long and takes about four hours.


This is the third largest bird cliff in Norway and has a thriving birdlife and a rich selection of plants. The top is 300 metres above sea level and provides a good view of the ocean, the archipelago and the mainland mountains from Stadt to Eide on Nordmøre. The hike from Goksøyr on Runde to the top goes steadily upwards and through partly marshy terrain. The hike is about 4 kilometres long and takes about two hours. 

  • Museum and attractions

Museum and attractions

Herøy Coastal Museum

Take a journey back in history at the Coastal Museum. The 19th century trading centre has various buildings, interiors, fishing equipment and boats. Among other things, you can take a closer look at the "Anna Olava" sailing ship, which is a reconstruction made based on the finds from an old ship found at Håkonsholmen in Ulstein.

  • Activities on land


On rugged days, it can be nice to take a hot bath indoors. At the Sunnmørsbadet there is something for bathing enthusiasts of all ages. There is a jacuzzi, children’s pool, slides, a competition pool and a southern temperature and in the cafe it is possible to take it easy with a snack.

Quality country cinema

Residents of Søre Sunnmøre make a pilgrimage to Fosnavåg to go to the cinema. Fosnavåg Concert Hall was completed in 2014 and has a modern cinema with a capacity for 91 film viewers. It is the first cinema in the country to combine Dolby Atmos with speakers from Meyersound, providing a powerful cinematic experience. In addition to the cinema, the concert hall has a modern concert hall with capacity for 490 guests and a rich cultural programme. 

Swimming and climbing in Mulevika

Mulevika is a lovely little bay in the southwest of Nerlandsøya in Herøy. With its fine sand and big waves, this is a popular place to swim. The amount of sand can vary from year to year, as the swells from the Atlantic Ocean both washes it away and washes it in again.

Mulevika also has a large and attractive climbing area. Easy and difficult routes are on offer, and close to the area there is space to pitch a tent to relax and enjoy the sunset. And there’s nothing better than ending an intense climbing session with a lovely swim?

  • Group activities

Group activities

Rib Tour around Runde

The bird cliff on the island of Runde is well known far beyond Norway’s borders. Between 250 and 300 different bird species have been registered there and the bird cliff is the southernmost in Norway. Havopplevelse offer guided tours around Runde in a rib boat. Here you can see the bird cliff from the water, rest your eyes on Runde lighthouse that passes by on the way and, not least, listen to storytelling around Rundeskatten. 

The tour departs from the pier below Thon Hotel Fosnavåg and there are several daily departures during the summer season, between 20 June and 31 August.

Boat trip to Runde

Runde Island can also be visited by boat. Join the passenger boat MB Olden on a guided tour and get up close to the birds on the mighty bird cliff. Here you can also experience an otherwise abundant wildlife, great hiking terrain and Rundeskatten, which you can catch a glimpse of at the Runde Environmental Centre.

The tour departs from the pier below Thon Hotel Fosnavåg. 

Fishing trip

Join the fishing trip to one of the largest and most important fishing grounds in Norway. Local fishermen take you to fish-rich grounds along the Møre coast, so there are opportunities for big game fishing. The trip departs from the pier below Thon Hotel Fosnavåg. Happy fishing!

Kayak and bicycle hire

If you want to explore Fosnavåg on your own, it’s a good idea to do so from a kayak or bicycle seat. Through you can rent bikes and kayaks on a daily, weekend or weekly basis.

Kami Skotholmen

A trip to Skotholmen is an experience in itself. There was a former trading post and fishing village here and there are still traces of these. The journey starts from the hotel pier and takes about ten minutes to the Kami Skotholmerestaurant. Food from the sea is served there, presented and served in a boathouse from the mid-19th century. Great for both summer and winter.


When you stay at Thon Hotel Fosnavåg, you can combine your stay with a number of unforgettable activities. We are happy to help if you have any questions or want to arrange trips.