Boundless snow joy

For many, it must seem inconceivable that they would strap on their skis in mid-June. But that has now become reality, and the doors to the world’s coolest year-round arena for snow adventures have been thrown open!

Winter has arrived once again, and many have long looked forward to sweeping down the alpine slopes. Soon people will be dusting off their cross-country skis and getting ready to embark on chilly, snow-filled days. What people look forward to most of those days when the sun shines through the pine trees and dreamlike conditions tempt young and old alike out into the winter air.

Nevertheless, the snowy fun never lasts as long as you want it to. Before you know it, the air is moist and thermometer heads north of freezing point. The icicles begin to drip and the ski kit is slowly but surely put away in the loft. It feels like an eternity until next season.

We’re doubtless the only ones who have missed wearing our skis in the middle of the mild month of May. This is why we’re so excited about the fact that SNØ at Lørenskog has opened!

When building the first ever year-round arena for snow adventures in Norway, it was a big deal. Every single square metre here seeks to reflect Norwegians’ rich skiing heritage and enthusiasm for snow. As of now, you can enjoy 36,000 m2 of snowscape - day in, day out, all year round!

What you can look forward to

Get ready to strap on your skis - no matter the time of year.

Challenges on the alpine slopes - great and small

Challenges on the alpine slopes - great and small

At SNØ, you’ll find four different alpine slopes, a chairlift and a T-bar lift. The slopes offer challenges at all levels - from beginners to experts. You can choose between the family, racing and beginner slopes, as well as the blue park and big jump.

Perfect snow conditions on the cross-country trail

Parts of the cross-country trail at SNØ are on a mezzanine suspended from the roof - a spectacular experience that you won’t have seen the likes of before!

The mezzanine winds around a small, hilly trail with uphills and downhills, as well as corners providing plenty of variety all the way to the finish. The trail is five metres wide and features a classic track and a freestyle area. Our calculations show that the estimated capacity is up to 2-400 skiers on the trail simultaneously.

A soft start in the beginners’ area

This is the place for you if you want to get to grips with alpine skiing or snowboarding, or just want to have fun.

The beginners’ area is right at the bottom of the alpine slope, and has a gentle slope perfect for practising your basic skills.

Jump and soar in the park

At SNØ we offer a dedicated park area that poses challenges and presents opportunities to anyone, no matter their skill level. Enjoy around 300 metres of jumps and rails of differing sizes and difficulties. The lower of the park will also feature a big jump.

The terrain park will be rebuilt on a regular basis to ensure plenty of variety. The park will be a gathering place for those seeking out a little extra adrenaline.

The straightforward arrival

There are plenty of ways to get here:

  • Public transport. Take the bus or train to Lørenskog station. SNØ is just a short 800 metre walk from the station.
  • Come by car. SNØ is easily accessible from the E6 and is just 15 minutes’ drive from Oslo city centre and 30 minutes from Gardermoen Airport.
  • Be driven. Our drop-off zone for cars and buses right outside our entrance on the 1st floor means you can easily hop out of the car and into your winter gear.
  • Jump on the shuttle bus. We will be launching buses to bring you right to the front door of SNØ. Further details about routes and schedules to be confirmed.

Free locker storage

If you have a lot of equipment with you, there are lockers available on the 1st floor that you can use free of charge if you have a valid pass. All you have to do is use the QR code on the pass or your membership card to secure the locker.

You can also pay for a dressing room with shower and locker if you wish. This will grant you access to the lockers on the 4th floor. Remember to bring your own padlock if you want to use these lockers.

Leave your equipment at home

Good news for those of you don’t have your own equipment or would rather not lug it here! SNØ will offer ski hire operated by Sport 1. This will enable you to rent everything you need for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding, including full winter gear. You’ll find our hire centre on the 1st floor by the entrance to SNØkald.

Opportunity to buy ski and sports equipment

At SNØ you’ll find both Atomic Pro Center and Sport 1 SNØ. The former is located on the 1st floor and is a specialist centre where you can buy equipment, skis and boots and have these customised. Sport 1 SNØ is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and offers a wide range of well-known brands.

nearby hotels

Check into one of our nearby hotels and you’ll not be far from a good night’s sleep after a snow-filled day of activity. Once you are well-rested the next morning, a lavish breakfast buffet will await you.

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