Magical meetings at Bjørneparken

Visit Bjørneparken and have a comfortable stay at Thon Hotel Bjørneparken. After breakfast you can have a magical encounter with large and small animals; from powerful predators such as wolves, bears, crocodiles and leopards, to cute goats, reindeer and elk. Come and watch the animals at feeding time.

From NOK 3,190 for 2 adults and 2 children

Hours of operation

April 2023

  • The park opens for the season 01 April - 10 April 10:00-16:00
  • Then open weekends until April Friday-Sunday 10:00-16:00

May 2023

  • From 01 May, the park is open every day from 10:00-17:00

Subject to change. See for more information.

The package includes

  • Entrance to Bjørneparken 1 day. Hotel guests are guaranteed entry in the event of restrictions on the number of guests. It is optional which day the tickets are used during the stay.
  • Accommodation at Thon Hotel Bjørneparken
  • A tasty breakfast
  • Free coffee and tea at the hotel
  • Free WiFi

Other useful things to know

  • The tickets included in the package can be collected from the hotel reception
  • You don't have to tell the hotel which day you want to use your tickets
  • Would you like to use your tickets on the same day as your arrival? Collect your tickets at reception and check in after visiting the park.
  • If you would like more days in the park, you can buy day 2 tickets at a 50% discount when you show your day 1 ticket.
  • There is free parking at the hotel and at Bjørneparken
  • The walking distance from the hotel to the park is approx. 500m

Book your accommodation and tickets to Bjørneparken

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Experiences Bjørneparken

In Bjørneparken you get very close to the animals, and once an hour there are feeding times and activities that the whole family can take part in. At the farm you can learn more about animal care and get to know our farm animals. In the fox forest you can meet our foxes and give them treats – straight from your hand! Or watch our bouncy lynx, Blixten, hunt for food. Experience this year’s big news – our two new and graceful Amur leopards!

Bjørneparken has several places to eat, such as Bamsebua where you can get a good burger or all sorts of ice cream at Is-bua. We also have several activities for young and old, such as theatre, water park and carousels for the little ones.

Opening hours

18 June – 14 August
Every day 10 am – 6 pm

15 August-19 October
Every day 10 am – 5 pm