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Afternoon Tea

Deluxe Afternoon Tea

Enjoy the improved version of Afternoon Tea in the Winter Garden & Library Bar in venerable Thon Hotel Bristol.

NOK 650 per person.

Afternoon Tea

It was the Duchess of Bedford, Anna Russell, who initiated the very British tradition of Afternoon Tea. The duchess, who was a friend of Queen Victoria, got the idea in the 1840’s.

She would often feel peckish in the afternoon. Feeling unable to wait until dinner to be served in the evening, she would have a light meal of sandwiches, tea and cakes in the afternoon.

Afternoon Tea became a popular tradition that would spread across the world. 


  • Deluxe Afternoon Tea (tea flavor by choice): NOK 650 per person
  • Deluxe Afternoon Tea (tea flavor by choice) and 1 glas of Mailly Grand Cru, Blanc de Noir: NOK 800 per person


Send an e-mail to or phone to +47 22 82 60 22 to book your afternoon tea.

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