Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen

Thon Hotels collaborates with our business partner, Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen, which offers guests truly unique and adventurous experiences in the pristine arctic environment of Spitsbergen. Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen runs 5 eco-friendly lodges here, and also offers a wide array of adventure tours that are intended to raise awareness about climate issues, environmental conservation and the history of Svalbard.

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Basecamp Spitsbergen fasade
Interiør i rom på Basecamp Hotel
Basecamp Spitsbergen isfjord radio ute
En husky står foran fasaden på Nordenskiold lodge
Basecamp Spitsbergen isfjord radio soverom
Basecamp Spitsbergen isfjord radio stue
Basecamp Spitsbergen snøscooter
Basecamp Spitsbergen spisshusene

Trapper’s Hotel

Trapper’s Station

Isfjord Radio boutique hotel

Nordenskiöld Lodge

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