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Your safety is our priority

With conference hotels situated all over Norway, we've got meeting and conference facilities in variable sizes that may be adjusted to your needs. Safety for our guests and hotel staff is very important to us. That is why we have now introduced new routines for conferences and meetings at all our hotels.

As a conference guest or organizer, you should be assured that you will be well taken care of during your stay at Thon Hotels.  Our hotels present spacious common areas, which makes it easier to obtain the distance recommendations from the healthautorities.  We follow the advice of local and national health authorities.

Safety measures taken at meetings and conferences

  • There are stations for hand disinfection at the entrance to all premises.
  • Meeting rooms are well cleaned, and all table surfaces, chairs and other equipment are disinfected.
  • We use large meeting rooms with the possibility of a minimum of 1 meter distance between each meeting participant.
  • Contact points such as door handles, coffee machines and elevator buttons are cleaned and disinfected several times daily.
  • Break refreshments such as fruits, smoothies and sweets will be served from the buffet with an appropriate infection control measures. Coffee, tea and mineral water is available beyond this at any time.
  • Our conference hosts are ready to assist throughout the event.
  • Each meeting or event would need a dedicated organizer (orderers responsibility) having the overview of who is onsite with names and contact details on all attendees. 

Thon Hotels gives you "a taste of Norway"

Great food is a big part for a successful conference, and dinner is often a social highlight when attending a course, kick-off or conference. We therefore work hard to ensure that the food we serve is of the highest quality, and our skilled chefs have prepared menus based on local specialties with good Norwegian ingredients.

Safety measures taken in our restaurants

  • There are stations for hand disinfection at the entrance to the restaurant.
  • Tables are cleaned and disinfected between each group, and other surfaces are frequently cleaned.
  • We ensure that there is a minimum distance of 1 meters between each table.
  • We offer lunch service in the restaurant or in the meeting room. Buffet will be available for groups over 50 people.
  • We follow strict hygiene measures and routines for our employees, in line with the health authorities' recommendations.

A great way to start your day with Thon Hotels

We put a lot of love into today's most important meal and we make sure that what we serve is of high quality. With love for what we do, we offer organic, short-travelled and home-cooked food to all our guests. Look forward to a good start - which sets a high standard for today's run. 

Breakfast buffet

We once again offer our tasty breakfast buffet with a wide selection of hot and cold dishes. Our buffet is only available if 20 resident guests or more. Otherwise breakfast will be served as à la carte.

À la carte

Continental breakfast

Consisting of baked goods such as croissant and toast, jam and cheese, and sliced ​​fresh fruit.

English breakfast

Consisting of fried eggs, bacon, tomato beans, breakfast sausage and fried mushrooms.

Norwegian breakfast

Consisting of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

We continue to follow advice of local and national health authorities. Safety for our guests and hotel staff is very important to us, and you as a guest should be sure that you are taken care of during your stay.

If you have allergies, we will help as best we can to find good alternatives to suit your needs.

Concepts for any event on any scale

We have adapted our premises and temprarily halved the capacity to follow the national guidelines of 1 meter distance between each participant. View a listing of all of our conference venues