Crystal glass gin

Local Gin Tonic Tasting

Experience Belgium at its best and enjoy a local Gin Tasting with chocolate.


Please contact the hotel to request this experience.

Stanhope Hotel Brussels


Telephone: +32 2 506 91 11

Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre


Telephone: +32 2 205 15 11

Thon Hotel EU


Telephone: +32 2 204 39 11

Thon Hotel Brussels Airport


Telephone: +32 2 721 77 77

Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie


Telephone: +32 2 543 33 11

Offered by: Stanhope Hotel Brussels by Thon Hotels, Thon Hotel EU, Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre, Thon Hotel Brussels Airport, Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie
Number of persons: 1 person
Requires stay? Yes

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