Exclusive hotel stay on Svalbard

The best nature experiences can be found in the wilderness, far off the beaten track. Check in with the wilderness while staying in a comfortable hotel with gourmet cuisine.

As a THON+ member, you get a 10% member discount with Basecamp Explorer, which offers extraordinary hotel stays and experiences on Svalbard. In 2022, they were voted Norway’s best supplier of experiences. Get up close on Svalbard and the wilderness and have a comfortable stay at the end of the day.

Member discount: 10%

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  • March – April
  • July – August

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Some of the experiences on Svalbard you can choose from:

Isfjord Radio Hotel – unique experience in the wilderness

Head to the beautiful Isfjord Radio, the place for those who want to get close to arctic nature, birds and wildlife. Join us for an unforgettable stay and unique culinary experiences in Svalbard’s untamed wilderness.

The old radio station from 1933, Isfjord Radio Hotel, offers unique accommodation in the wilderness around 90km from Longyearbyen. There are no road connections here. The journey to Isfjord Radio is an experience in itself, close to the powerful elements of nature, over glaciers and frozen lakes. In the summer, there are daily boat departures from Longyearbyen, and in the winter, travel by snowmobile or dog sled is included in the stay.

The Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel looks rough from the outside, but inside you will experience a comfortable hotel, modern and appropriately furnished. The hotel consists of a main building and two separate houses with bedrooms. Each building has separate toilets and bathrooms with showers. The sauna on the edge of the tundra offers fantastic views of Isfjorden and Forlandet. Isfjord Radio is a wilderness hotel, and to move between the buildings you must be accompanied by a guide equipped with polar bear protection.

During your stay, you can choose from many fantastic tours and activities. The hotel is open every day from 15 February to 30 September and offers lunch, dinner and accommodation.

Nordenskiöld Lodge – one of Norway’s toughest accommodation venues

Nordenskiöld Lodge is a hidden treasure in the middle of mighty Svalbard. The cabin is located by the beach in the innermost part of Adolfbukta, close to the icy blue Nordenskiöldbreen glacier. Motorised vehicles cannot travel further than this. In the summer you get to Nordenskiöld Lodge by boat, and in the winter you arrive either by snowmobile or dog sled.

This is the most northerly serviced cabin in the world, with no electricity or running water. We heat with wood, get drinking water from the glacier and you have access to wood-fired sauna, showers, comfortable beds and beautiful views of the ever-changing light across the glacier. The hosts are always on hand to give you the best dining experiences, both at the dining table and around the fire pit.

Nordenskiöld Lodge is the perfect starting point for activities in the magnificent arctic nature. Expert guides take you climbing the icy blue glacier, kayaking on the fjord or hiking in the majestic mountains.

Seasons on Svalbard

Northern lights winter: 1 October – 28 February

In October, the evenings are dark and there is less daylight every day. The darkness on Svalbard is called "polar night" and lasts from mid-November to the end of January. During this period, the sun is at least 6 degrees below the horizon, which means that we get total darkness all day and night.

  • Basecamp Hotel is the perfect starting point for experiencing the darkness, the northern lights, shopping and dining experiences, hiking, dog sledding and snowmobiles when the snow has settled.
  • From mid-November, the Basecamp Hotel is adventurously decorated by Halvor Bakke.
  • During this period, the radius is largely located in and around Longyearbyen.
  • The outposts are closed.

Sun winter: March 1 – May 16:

From March to May, it is still full winter, with beautiful landscapes covered in ice and snowy landscapes as far as the eye can see. Even though we have daylight during this period, there are great contrasts in the light conditions, from the darkness of the day in early March to the eternal midnight sun from 20 April. This transition towards mid-April is often referred to as the "pastel winter". This refers to the very special and beautiful light conditions, where snow-covered mountains rest against a bright blue sky, and where the sun’s increasingly intense presence casts the clearest pastel colours over the landscape.

  • The sun winter is the most popular time to visit Svalbard, be sure to book your accommodation and activities well in advance.
  • Isfjord Radio opens in mid-February.
  • Nordenskiöld Lodge opens from mid-March to the end of April.
  • Perfect time to experience the wilderness with a scooter or dog.
  • Midnight sun from 20 April.
  • Peak season: March and April.

Polar summer: 17 May - 30 September:

Summer on Svalbard starts in the middle of May and lasts to September. The midnight sun has already been there since April and lasts until the end of August. It’s easy to become disorientated when there’s daylight around the clock, four months in a row. In the summer, Svalbard offers a richer wildlife than the rest of the year. In addition to polar bears, arctic foxes, Svalbard baptism and Svalbard reindeer, the migratory birds also come to nest and walrus, seals and whales enter the fjords to enjoy the food they can now find by the edge of the ice in the sea.

  • Daily boat departure to Isfjord Radio.
  • Nordenskiöld Lodge opens on 1 July.
  • Great time for hiking, boat trips and wildlife.
  • Isfjord Radio music festival in September.
  • Peak season: July and August.

See all recommended experiences here: https://www.basecampexplorer.com/no/svalbard/

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