Two-step authentication Thon Hotels

Two-step authentication is an additional layer of security we use in the app to ensure that you are the only one to access your account, although others may still have your password.

If someone sees that you enter a username and password, that person can log in with the same information and thereby access your personal information, as well as information about your stay with us. In addition to your username and password, by using two-step authentication, others will not be able to log in.

Enable two-step authentication in the app

Step 1: Install authentication app

Before enabling two-step authentication, you need to download and install an authentication app on your mobile. We recommend Google Authenticator, Authy or Microsoft authenticator, but you can choose which one you want to install.

Step 2: Activate two-step authentication on the Thon Hotels app

  1. You will periodically be asked if you want to activate two-step authentication when logging into the app. You can also enable this yourself by going to settings under my profile.
  2. When you choose to enable two-step authentication, you will be asked to open the authentication app you have installed. You will then get a code to paste into the app.
  3. You have now enabled two-step authentication and you have also been given a set of recovery codes. These are important to keep so that you can log in with one of these codes if you lose your mobile or do not have access to an app for authentication. It is therefore important to store these codes in a safe place.

Using two-step authentication

When you sign in to the app after two-step authentication is activated, you will be asked to enter the code from your app approval. If you do not have access to an approval app, you can log in with one of your recovery codes.

Recovery codes

It is important to keep the recovery codes you received when activating two-step authentication. They can be used to log in, if you lose your mobile or do not have access to an authentication app. It is therefore important to store these codes in a safe place. If you are told that you only have a few codes left, it is important that you follow the steps to create new codes so that you never run out.

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