Thon is now opening a partner hotel in Denmark

For companies at seminars or families on their journey through: Thon’s first hotel in Denmark is an affordable alternative for anyone who wants to experience the neighbouring country.

Høje Taastrup is located between Denmark’s capital Copenhagen and the festival city of Roskilde. The suburb may be unfamiliar to many Norwegians, but Thon Hotels and its partner CIC Hospitality want to do something about that.

Thon Hotels is taking over a hotel in the beautiful suburb.

"Thon Hotels is well-known in Norway, so we hope that more Norwegians will now discover Høje Taastrup," says Øyvind Frisak, Commercial Director of CIC Hospitality, who will be responsible for the operation of the hotel.

"Not least, it’s nice that THON+ members finally get a hotel in Denmark," adds Frisak.

A few minutes to experiences

Thon Partner Hotel Høje Taastrup is centrally located in Zealand. The immediate proximity to the capital city in the east and the pleasant old trading town of Roskilde in the west opens up cultural experiences in both directions.

"With a five-minute walk to the train and a number of parking spaces outside the hotel, our guests will save both time and money by staying with us," says Frisak.

But even if the hotel is right next to the train station, you don't have to go far to find things to do. Høje Taastrup is surrounded by beautiful natural areas, and several of the country’s best golf courses are located here.

Just under ten minutes from the hotel you will find a large skate park and the City 2 shopping centre with shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as the Copenhagen Designer Outlet, which sells well-known brands at discounted prices.

The train tracks that run through Taastrup make it very easy to get to and from the hotel. Not only is there a direct train between Kastrup airport and Høje Taastrup station, but from the train station it only takes 10 minutes to Roskilde and just 15 minutes to Copenhagen.

"The hotel’s connection to a major European city makes it ideal to arrange a conference here, followed by a holiday," suggests Frisak.

Because although the hotel is suitable for everything from families with children to festival guests who want an affordable alternative close to the festivities, it may be ideal for companies on a trip.

"We have great capacity and flexibility when it comes to the size of hotel rooms and meeting rooms. All conference rooms have modern equipment and with room for 420 participants, we are able to arrange most things here.

If you take the company to the hotel, you can go into Copenhagen and get a taste of life in the city before you return to quiet Høje Taastrup and continue your work.

The highlight of any hotel stay

For many, breakfast is the highlight of their hotel stay, and Thon Hotels know that. Frisak assures that breakfast will be of the same good quality at Thon Partner Hotel Høje Taastrup, even if it will go under the term "morning meal" here.

"We will have Thon’s breakfast concept. Otherwise, there will be simple food service in the evening. Food will always be available through the hotel’s self-service "shop" solutions.

Thon Partner Hotel Høje Taastrup opens on 4 January 2023.

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