3 things you can do on Norway’s most popular tourist road

Experience mountains, fjords and spectacular cliffs up close between Oslo and Bergen – and top it off with a stop at beautiful Eidfjord.

Travel itineraries: Oslo - Eidfjord - Bergen

If you want to experience Norway this summer, it’s not a bad idea to take a trip from Oslo to Bergen!

The journey between Norway’s two largest cities offers one of the world’s most beautiful mountain stretches across the Hardangervidda. From here you can take a detour with the Flåm Railway or get close to the beautiful Norwegian nature by walking in the mountains, cycling or paddling on the fjord.

On the way down from Hardangervidda and down to the fjord landscape in Western Norway, you will experience mighty waterfalls and fantastic fjords. Here you can rent a rowing boat, go on a kayak trip or a fjord safari on Hardangerfjord – Norway’s second longest fjord.

There is no shortage of experiences along this route, but it’s obviously difficult to see everything in one trip. Below are three of the experiences worth seeing if you travel between Norway’s two biggest cities this summer:

1. Get up close to Norway’s largest predator

No, it’s by no means as scary as it sounds! The journey between Oslo and Bergen takes you through Hardangervidda, which has a bustling bird life and wildlife. Perhaps you will spot one of the 100 different bird species that live here, including the golden eagle and gyrfalcon. Or perhaps Europe’s largest wild reindeer herd of more than 9,000 animals? Wolverines and arctic foxes also live on Hardangervidda, so keep your eyes open!

And if you really want to have a close encounter with the king of the forest and other fantastic creatures, you can stop at Bjørneparken in Flå. Here you can see bears, wolves, lynx, elk and reindeer up close and take part in feeding the animals.

TIPS! Need to book an overnight stay on the way? Thon Hotel Flå is located next to Bjørneparken, just a short walk away.

2. Magnificent fjords and magical waterfalls in Eidfjord

The journey from Oslo to Bergen offers great contrasts, from the bare mountains on Hardangervidda to the lush Hardangerfjord.

Eidfjord is the starting point for a number of outdoor experiences, whether you want to swim, try your luck at fishing, take a walk or spend a few hours on the fjord. Take a fjord safari and take a closer look at the area's spectacular nature and the incredible fjord landscape! Or treat yourself to a kayak trip and fill your drinking bottle with water from a waterfall.

This area is also known for its magnificent waterfalls, which you shouldn't miss.

Vøringsfossen is Norway’s most famous waterfall and has a drop of 182 metres. Just feel the powerful forces! Take a look at the large amounts of water from the viewpoint, or cross over the waterfall on the step bridge. You can also go to the foot of Vøringsfossen and feel the spray of water on the face.

Steindalsfossen is another natural attraction you should experience. The waterfall outside Norheimsund has a drop of 50 metres, and there is a path behind the waterfall so that you can experience the water up close, without getting wet!

TIPS! Treat yourself to a night of historical splendour at Thon Hotel Sandven, about an hour’s drive along the Hardangerfjord towards Bergen. The hotel dates from 1857 and is idyllically located right on the edge of the fjord with its own beach zone in the beautiful town of Norheimsund.

3. Take Europe’s best train ride – the Bergen Railway!

Get ready for an adventure on rails! The Bergen Railway is an absolute must for train lovers, or for those who just want a quiet and relaxing journey with public transport. Hop off at one of the many stops along the way – from the Bergen Railway, for example, you can take a detour on the Flåm Railway – or take the whole trip in one.

In any case, the journey can become a lifetime memory. The train journey between Oslo and Bergen is referred to as "Europe’s best train journey" by Lonely Planet.

The journey takes between six and seven hours, and along the way you cross the Hardangervidda National Park and the Hardangervidda Plateau, which is Europe’s largest mountain plateau, 1,237 metres above sea level.

Finse is the highest stop and is 1,222 metres above sea level. From here there are miles and miles of high mountains and a perfect starting point for those who want to experience wild, Norwegian nature. English lords spent a lot of time hunting and fishing in this area in the 19th century, and today it is a popular destination for anyone who wants to go for a hike, a summit hike or just walking in the mountain scenery.

Did you know that? Have you seen "Star Wars Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back" from 1980? Finse was used as the location for the planet Hoth in the movie and is therefore a popular destination for Star Wars fans.

Once in Bergen, you can check in at one of our four great hotels - all with a great location and a fantastic breakfast buffet included in the price.

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