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Here you can get our top recommendations for restaurants, bars, cafes, nightlife and things to see and do in Oslo - whether you’re are just visiting or a resident in the capital.


Vippa Oslo

Vippa Oslo has become an international and flavourful place where one can buy food from all corners of the world from several different stalls. Vippa's vision is to gather cultures together through food – and they have really achieved this.

There are several indoor seating areas between the stalls. If you want to sit outside, you can enjoy a great view of Oslo fjord in good company.


In the old soap works at Akershus quays, Solsiden serves delicious seafood. The restaurant is a reminder of how beautiful the port city of Oslo is, where you can sit and enjoy views over Aker Brygge and Oslo fjord.

The restaurant is known for its “shellfish platter”, a rich dish with lobster, crabs, prawns and oysters, amongst other things. Here you can taste the best the sea has to offer. 


In Mathallen at Vulkan in Oslo, you can surprise your taste buds with a great meal or a fun culinary purchase.

You can sample the food in several of the shops and it is a perfect place to acquire new inspiration if you are not going to eat a meal. Mathallen also organizes several events and is connected to the Culinary Academy, which holds several wine and cooking courses.

Photo: Alex Asensi

Villa Paradiso

You can find a little piece of Naplesor a whole pizza if you like, just a stone’s throw from the bustling Bogstadveien shopping street.

Out of the wood-burning stove comes fresh pizza inspired by Naples, pizza’s hometown. Aromas of Italian food and basil can be enjoyed below the high ceilings. You can also sit outside around the small café tables, which offer a true sense of summer.

Breakfast at Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Oslo

Did you know that you do not necessarily have to be a hotel guest to enjoy breakfast at our hotels? This year, Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz in Oslo was once again voted as the hotel serving the capital's best breakfast. You set your standards high for the rest of the day if you start it here.

Breakfast is abound with classic dishes and all kinds of treats. There is something for both the diet-conscious and those wishing to enjoy themselves that little bit extra. Read more about breakfast at Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz here.


Are you fan of great french food and cheese? If so, we recommend this place! When walking along the tram tracks at Grünerløkka, you will find Oslo's smallest and perhaps most well-preserved hidden gem. This charming little restaurant is also a combination of a cheese shop, village store and deli. Directly translated from Norwegian, the name "Ostebutikken" means the cheese shop.

Just outside Ostebutikken are two small tables with chequered tablecloths, and inside you can find an exciting French menu. It includes Moules-frites, Bouillabaise and Cassoulet, as well as a platter of mature cheeses, the house’s marmelade, biscuits and nuts.

for the peckish


Handwerk is located right above Mathallen and is Norway’s first organic sourdough bakery. Here you will find bread made from several different types of flour, where all the breads get to rise for at least one night before being baked. This not only provides fuller flavour and a better crust, but the loaves are also more nutritious. 

You can buy “handwiches” or sweeter temptations like banana bread or cinnamon rolls from this small bakery. They are perfect to take with you on a walk in the park.

Afternoon Tea at Hotel Bristol

The tradition of Afternoon Tea has deep roots dating back to England in the 1840s. It was the Duchess of Bedford, Anna Russell, who had the idea. She wanted to be served a light meal in the afternoon because her stomach was rumbling and it seemed too long to wait for dinner.

The idea spread around the world and is just as appropriate today. The capital’s venerable Hotel Bristol keeps this tradition going. It serves a delicious Afternoon Tea menu every day from 11 o’clock.

Here you can read more about the hotel’s Afternoon Tea and Deluxe Afternoon tea

Coffee bars

Supreme Roastworks

Supreme Roastworks known for their excellent coffee and unpretentious atmosphere.  Their staff is genuinely passionate about coffee. Part owner Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen has won the Norwegian Championship in coffee brewing for a number of years. In 2015 he also won the World Brewers Championships. Visit for a nice chat with the staff and taste proper coffee brewed with passion.

Talor & Jørgen

You can find a characteristic café called Talor & Jørgen at Youngstorget. With plenty of knowledge and love for what they are doing, the owners have created a place where you can buy delicious coffee and homemade, fresh doughnuts. This combination didn’t exist in Oslo until November last year. The coffee is brewed exactly the way you want it, while the colourful pastries can make even a rainy day shine.

Museum and guided tours

Astrup Fearnley

Astrup Fearnley’s art collection is considered one of the best in Northern Europe - the design of the museum is worth a visit on its own. Here you can see Astrup Fearnley's own exhibition, as well as several other exhibitions from international artists.

Superbly located on the edge of Tjuvholmen, the building was designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop in collaboration with Narud-Stokke-Wiig. In addition to having several different exhibitions, the museum offers senior tours, baby tours and Sunday tours. Tickets are purchased at the entrance.

Botanisk Hage 

The Botanical garden at Tøyen in Oslo is one of the city's green lungs and an important recreation area for Oslo's population.

The garden consists of a total of 45,000 plants of approximately 5500 different species and varieties, something which offers a tropical and scientific experience in the middle of the city. When the sun shines, it is a very enjoyable place to take a little break and sit down at the Museum Cafe.

Oslo Reptilpark (Oslo Reptile Zoo)

In Oslo Reptile Zoo you will find everything from frogs in a bath tub to a crocodile with its own private pool. It is literally crawling with snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodiles, spiders and marmosets. The visit offers a different tour around the animal world and is great for both curious children and adults. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance.

Guided tour of the Opera House

The vast majority of people who have visited Oslo have seen the Opera House rising from Oslo fjord in all its glory. How about having a look within the architecturally designed walls? Here you can learn more about what happens behind the scenes before the curtain goes up.

The Norwegian Opera & Ballet has guided tours for anyone interested in seeing and learning more about the opera. The tour takes approximately 50 minutes and takes place in groups of maximum 25 people. Tickets can be purchased here. 

Outdoor attractions


You don’t have to go further than Bygdøy to experience the fresh air, forests and fields. How about taking your bike and going on a rural trip?  In the closest car-free area, you can enjoy the cultural landscapes, cows, sea and bathing areas, lush meadows, villas, a royal estate and a small castle. It is hard to find a more idyllic bike ride.


North of Oslo's city centre is Grefsenkollen, a great vantage point with its restaurant and a terrace called OverOslo Bar. The place is famous for their tasty Italian pizzas, which may taste even better when enjoyed in combination with the view.  

Ekeberg Park

Ekeberg Park is a large area with several vantage points looking over Oslo. Here you really get in touch with the green outdoor areas of Oslo.

Ekeberg Park is just a few tram stops from the vibrant city of Oslo. Here you can visit Ekeberg's sculpture and cultural heritage park, dine at the Ekeberg restaurant and visit the history and nature museum at Lund's house.

Bars and nightlife

Oslo mekaniske verksted (Oslo mechanical workshop)

The Oslo mechanical workshop is situated right next to the bus terminal and is known for its distinctive atmosphere. Inside, the interior is vintage and homely and you can sit outside amongst colourful string lights, green plants, long tables and benches. 

People come here to chat, to play games, read, write and drink, and you'll be quite happy to sit here for hours.


The French word Rouleur means “one that rolls” and seems appropriate for a place that is a wine bar and bicycle workshop in one. This place encourages people to experience the city from behind handlebars and is in the hearts of Oslo's cycling enthusiasts.

With a bar and café at the front and a well-equipped bicycle shop at the back of the premises, you can have your bike repaired while you relax. When the workshop closes at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, the place transforms into a cosy bar serving beers, cocktails and other quality drinks.

If you don’t have a bike in Oslo during the summer, you can rent high quality Norwegian brand FARA road and mountain bikes from here.  Rouleur also offers guided bike tours around the beautiful Nordmarka. Read more about the offer here.

Oslo Camping

Oslo Camping offers 18 indoor mini golf courses and cocktails from the slush machine. The place is perfect if you wish to be social and active while you are enjoying yourself in good company. The venue is in the campsite style and the golf courses are creatively designed around the interior.

Prindsens Hage

Within the gates of the idyllic Prindsen garden, you are surrounded by sunflowers, herbs, green lawns, deck chairs, playing fields and outdoor seating for both food and drink.

The backyard houses a total of 4000 square metres where you can indulge in games like pétanque, croquet, table tennis, four in a row, ring games and children's bowling. This is purely a social oasis right in the city centre which has become popular for both adults and kids. 


Gimle cinema

The venerable Gimle cinema has been located in the same place on Bygdøy allé 39 since 1939. Inside, you experience a genuine cinema atmosphere, top service and great comfort.

Before the film starts, you can buy snacks, wine, beer and coffee in the small foyer. You can then take your refreshments into the cinema and sit at the small tables on cinema seats. Gimle is known for showing selected quality films. They also show live opera and ballet. 

Odeon Oslo at Storo

Much has happened at Storo in recent years and the area can now offer, among other things, the country's largest cinema complex, Odeon Oslo

The cinema complex has 14 different screens and a total of 1700 seats. The biggest auditorium has an IMAX screen and is as tall as a five-storey building. The cinema complex is also the only one in the world with laser projection and DOLBY ATMOS systems in 13 of the auditoria. It all offers amazing picture and sound quality. World-class cinema experience

Curious about everything Storo has to offer? Read more about the destination here.

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