14 gems that you must visit in Trondheim

Trondheim is an amazing city and has far more to offer besides its famous cathedral, Nidarosdomen. Here are our favourite places to visit in Trondheim.

1. Pirbadet

If you like swimming, you need to give this place a visit. Here you can find the largest indoor swimming pool in Norway! 

Pirbadet has swimming pools for everyone’s needs; children's pool, sports pool, youth pool, wellness pool and health baths. There is also a climbing wall, diving tower and a separate spa area. It is also possible to buy food up on the first floor. The baths are located out towards Trondheimsfjorden in Brattøra, with a great view out across the fjord.

2. Sea bathing at Brattøra

It might not always be tempting to go to an indoor swimming pool when the sun is shining. Well, there are great outdoor bathing opportunities in Trondheim. Right next to Pirbadet, you will find a sea pool with both sunbathing areas and diving towers. Sea bathing at Brattøra is a popular bathing spot throughout the whole summer - as long as it doesn’t rain.

3. Baklandet Skydsstation

Situated in its super cosy wooden building, Baklandet Skydsstation is proud of its homemade cakes and food dishes. Guests can apply for and purchase a regular guest card to receive discounted meals. They are famous for their Danish herring platter, fish soup, warm liver pâté and wonderful cakes.

Photo: CH / Visitnorway.com

4. Antikvariatet Music Café

Antikvariatet is a music café and book bar with lots of soul. They also have a outdoor terrace where you can experience concerts and other cultural events. Remember to go to the inner bar.

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5. M/S Bjørnvåg

Welcome aboard Trondheim's only restaurant boat! M/S Bjørnvåg is an old passenger ferry that sailed in Western Norway. The restaurant is small and the chefs make creative menus with the best seasonal produce. They also offer boat trips to groups during the summer.

Photo: Tom Gustavsen / Trondelag.com

6. Emilie’s Eld Restaurant & Bar

The super cosy Emilie’s Eld Restaurant & Bar has an open kitchen and you can watch the chefs cook over the flame grill. The food is made from scratch and you can choose between a simple bar menu, 3, 4 or 5-course meals or regular À la Carte menu. Remember to book a table in advance.

7. Dromedar Coffee Bar

The Dromedar Coffee Bar has four cafés and a bakery in central Trondheim. If you like good coffee, this is the place for you. The bakery makes cakes to order – everything from marzipan cakes to modern mousses embellished with macaroons. Dromedar also serves sandwiches, brownies, macaroons, scones and pastries.

8. Ila Brainnstasjon

The Ila Brainnstasjon cultural café has a cosy backyard and you can enjoy free small concerts, standup and poetry evenings. Pictures and art hang on the walls and they have a simple menu with both cold and hot dishes.

Every Sunday they host Sunday-Jazz, a perfect place to spend the afternoon. A new artist plays every Sunday from 2 o'clock in the afternoon. 

Left photo: Tom Gustavsen / Trondelag.com  -  Right photo: Søderholm - Steen / Trondelag.com

9. Kieglekroa

Kieglekroa is famous for many things, including being the city's oldest pub and for its wide range of beers. You can order beers from both smaller microbreweries and larger beer breweries, while enjoy quality time with friends and family. Amongst rugged benches and wooden tables, candlelight and an open fire, you can choose whether you want to relax and take a seat or play “Sjoelbak” and darts.

10. Lade Park

This recreation area in Trondheim is a place to recharge your batteries. Climbing frames, play areas, gazebos, fountains, stones to jump on in the water and beautiful green areas make it perfect for families with children, but also for visitors wishing to see a different city park. 

11. Nedre Elvehavn

The place is also known as Solsiden and is Trondheim's version of Aker Brygge in Oslo. The area is well worth a visit when the sun is shining. Here you will find rows and rows of restaurants and there is also the Dokkhuset concert venue. You can experience chamber music and jazz, modern music, world music and other musical expressions.

Photo: Søderholm - Steen / Trondelag.com

12. Beer tasting at Ølakademiet

If you are looking to challenge your taste buds, Ølakademiet has several beer tasting courses. Chocolate may not be the first thing you think about when you want a bite to eat together with your beer, but according to Ølakademiet, you may be surprised at how chocolate can complement the beer. Ølakademiet offers other courses that include beer brewing, cheese and beer and beer and sliders.  

13. Rockheim

Rockheim is situated in a rough, industrial and simply rocking building at Brattørkaia. In the museum you will find the history of Norwegian popular music from the 1950s to the present day. A rich selection of photos, songs and videos allows you to reminisce over Norwegian pop and rock for hours on end. The museum also features interactive adventure rooms where you can draw graffiti and have a go at being a DJ, among other things.  

14. Munkholmen 

When the sun comes out, Munkholmen, a small island preservation in Trondheimsfjorden, is a popular destination for swimming and sunbathing. Taking the boat from Ravnkloa makes this place easy to reach. In addition, there are two places to eat and drink on the island, both a café and a restaurant with outdoor dining.  

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