A garden at the top of Thon Hotel Svolvær

For us, sustainability and locally produced ingredients are not only important, but also very exciting. From the idea of creating a small greenhouse for herbs, we have now further developed the idea to make a full-scale greenhouse on the roof of the hotel. Vegetables, salads and herbs will germinate and grow all year round.

We want our guests to have a dining experience with a focus on the best quality ingredients. It is especially exciting to be able to speak about our kitchen garden, where the plants grow under the magical midnight sun in the summer and in the autumn and winter season, under the Northern Lights. In addition, we have set ourselves a goal that within two years we must be able to offer a minimum of 50% of our vegetables, salads and herbs from our own garden.

The garden should be as organic as possible, and we are considering a hydroponic solution to be the most efficient. We will use little or no energy, and fertiliser and compost will come from our own food waste. Heating of the garden will come either from natural solar energy or residual heat from the hotel. In addition, both of our hotels in Lofoten use their own seawater pumps for heating and showers. As much as 65% of all our energy consumption actually comes from the sea in Lofoten.

Eventually, we will also offer guests access to the kitchen garden on special occasions. Here you can pick strawberries as the storm rages outside, or enjoy a freshly picked plum tomato while watching the sun rise across the Lofoten mountains on a lovely summer day.

We look forward to welcoming you to have unique and locally sourced dining experiences with us.

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