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Common areas with seating at Thon Hotel Oslo Airport
360° Gallery Courses and conferences

Thon Hotel Oslo Airport

Thon Hotel Oslo Airport is a modern conference and business hotel with 435 rooms, situated just 10 minutes’ drive from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (OSL). Our hotel is ideally situated if you are hosting a conference for international delegates, and we have all you require in the way of equipment and assistance for your event.

Balder Allé 2, 2060 Gardermoen Tel. +47 63 92 94 00 More information about the hotel

Ground floor

Plantegning over 1. etasje i konferanseavdelingen på Thon Hotel Oslo Airport

Second floor

Plantegning over 3. etasje i konferanseavdelingen på Thon Hotel Oslo Airport

Third floor

Plantegning over 4. etasje i konferanseavdelingen på Thon Hotel Oslo Airport



Wireless internet in all rooms


Technical equipment

We have all the state-of-the-art technical equipment. Please contact us if you have any special requests.

Well-earned breaks

The conference suite has an open-plan break-time space in which you can enjoy plenty of natural light and fresh air, freshly brewed coffee and sweet and savoury nibbles.


Conference hosts

Our staff will be at your disposal from the very start and throughout your event.

Banquets and parties

Our venues are also ideal for parties, weddings, christenings and other celebrations and festive occasions.


Food and drink


The World’s Best Lunch

For our conference guests


11:00 - 14:00




Thon Challenge

We split your group into small teams and give you a tablet and a map. You then compete with the other teams in an exciting contest combining an interactive quest to solve clues with a creative mission to score points, with the whole venue as your gameboard. 

Fitness facilities

We have an in-house gym at the hotel where our guests can work out for free.