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Thon Hotels

konferansesal med lerret i bakkant av bilde, stoloppsett, 450 plasser
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konferansesal kinoteket, ca. 100 kinostoler
2 / 17

konferansesal colosseum rundbord og stoler selskapsoppsett
3 / 17

konferansesal colosseum klasseromoppsett 72 stoler
4 / 17

konferansesal colosseum klasseromoppsett 72 stoler, god gulvplass, lys fra vinduer
5 / 17

konferansesal solskjær, 72 plasser i klasseromoppsett
6 / 17

konferansesal solskjær sett gjennom glassvegg i gang, 72 plasser i klasseromoppsett, projektor i tak, UBC-logo på vegg
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sportsbaren bordoppstilling og stoler på opphøyde platåer i sal
8 / 17

konferanserom Vinduslosje 12 plasser rundt ovaltbord, vegghengt presentasjonsskjerm
9 / 17

Møterom med plass til 75 personer i kinoopsett
10 / 17

Møterom med plass til 48 personer i kinooppsett
11 / 17

Møterom med plass til 47 personer i kinooppsett
12 / 17

Lokale med plass til 168 personer i kinooppsett
13 / 17

Lokale med plass til 170 personer i kinooppsett
14 / 17

Pauseområde med kaffeservering
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Pauseområde med kaffeservering
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Pauseområde med kaffeservering
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Courses and conferences

Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion

Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion is a modern conference hotel directly adjacent to Ullevaal Stadion, the Norwegian national football arena. We have seminar and meeting facilities for up to 800 attendees and can arrange banquets and parties for up to 450 guests in association with Meet Ullevaal conference centre.



Wireless internet in all rooms


Technical equipment

We have all the state-of-the-art technical equipment. Please contact us if you have any special requests.


Indoor parking by the hotel (NOK 200 per day).


In association with Meet Ullevaal

- one of Norway’s largest conference centres

Banquets and parties

Our venues are also ideal for parties, weddings, christenings and other celebrations and festive occasions.


Food and drink


The World’s Best Lunch

For our conference guests


12:00 - 14:00



Things to see and do


Football match at Ullevaal Stadion

Experience the Norwegian national football arena with your colleagues. We have private boxes with catering and a perfect view of the pitch.

Try the zip line across the stadium. Available for smaller groups upon request.


Within the Ullevaal Stadion environs you have access to everything from grocery stores to sports shops, a pharmacy, bank, post office, bakery and fast food outlets.