House own bakery - with a true love for the craft

When you smell the aroma of our freshly baked bread, or dip the croissant into a delicious cappuccino, you should be able to close your eyes and dream of both Italy and France. When you open your eyes again, you can look out on Lofoten’s magnificent scenery, whether it’s a beautiful sunrise or the dancing northern lights.

Our goal with our own bakery is to offer you, our guest, real craftsmanship inspired by Italian, French, German, Danish and Norwegian baking traditions. Baking and the craft is something we really appreciate, which is why we want to bring this back and build new, proud traditions. Based on this and where possible, we only want to use organic and ancient grains in our flour blends. This is to avoid artificial additives and the like. Our philosophy is that only the best from all over Europe is good enough for our guests.

On beautiful summer days, you can also stop by to enjoy home-made ice cream, or buy something tasty to take with you on a trip. We look forward to welcoming you.

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