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Bistro Bassit - a unique dining experience

In the summer of 2021, we welcome you to our new large-scale initiative, Bistro Bassit – a modern and well planned bistro with a central location on the quay in Solvær. Here you will be able to enjoy seasonal small and medium-sized dishes.

With its central location on the quay in Svolvær, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the fjord surrounded by majestic mountains. Here you can also look out at the main port to the city and the cod fishing that takes place almost right outside the window. Nearby you will also find the city’s nightlife, the major cultural scene and galleries - so how about a nice meal before heading out to enjoy the evening?

Northern Norwegian hospitality and a great taste experience

At Bistro Bassit, we have put emphasis on an atmosphere with beautiful and colourful materials, while keeping our northern Norwegian soul and hospitality. Among other things, we have open kitchens in the restaurant to promote the interaction between our chefs and guests.

The name "Bassit" comes from the Sámi language and can be translated into barbecuing food over an open fire/charcoal. That’s exactly what we want to offer our guests, so here you’ll find both a Spanish Josper grill and a Japanese Robata grill. With these grills, we will be able to offer you, as a guest, a unique range on the menu, including fully grilled cuts of meat and fish from Lofoten. The meal will also be served standing by the grill - for an even better dining experience.

Ingredients from the Nordic cuisine

The food served is inspired by the ingredients found in the Nordic cuisine - with a strong focus on both local and locally sourced produce. The main focus is on delivering world-class Norwegian products, and as much as possible using organic and locally sourced ingredients. We also look beyond Norway’s borders so we can always offer our guests the very best of both food and drink.

Our menu is seasonal so that the ingredients used have their ultimate flavour. This makes the tasting experience extraordinary and unique every time you visit our restaurant. The menu consists of several small and medium-sized dishes, so that you as a guest can put together exactly the menu you want. For an even better dining experience, we encourage our guests to share different dishes to create the perfect combination of colours, flavours and harmony.

We look forward to welcoming you and your party.

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