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Membership benfits that suits your needs

Receive a 10% discount on accommodations

Earn 800 - 1,500 points per night

Some of what you can use your points on

Terms and Conditions



  • The Thon DISCOVERY programme is designed as an electronically-based service. As a member you have access to your membership details; this includes your points balance, transaction overview, and membership profile. This information is accessible via “My Page”. As a member, you log in to “My Page” by going to thonhotels.no/.com and entering your unique username and password.
  • Thon Hotels is a member of Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) and new Thon DISCOVERY members are automatically registered as members in the international loyalty programme GHA Discovery.
  • Communication with Thon DISCOVERY members is primarily carried out electronically. Members can opt out of receiving news from Thon DISCOVERY by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter, on “My Page”, or by calling Membership Services on Tel. +47 21 49 89 10.
  • Membership of Thon DISCOVERY and GHA Discovery is free.
  • As a Thon DISCOVERY and GHA Discovery member, you will also be entitled to benefits at all GHA member hotels worldwide. Visit gha.com to find out more.
  • Thon DISCOVERY offers its own benefits that are only valid at Thon Hotels in Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Thon DISCOVERY and GHA Discovery are personal memberships and can only be used by the membership holder.
  • Membership cards can be sent to Gold, Platinum and Black level members but these cards are not sent out automatically and must be ordered by sending an e-mail to Membership Services. To receive a membership card, your Thon DISCOVERY membership must be linked to GHA Discovery.
  • Thon DISCOVERY cards cannot be used in combination with other bonus cards, with the exception of SAS EuroBonus cards.
  • Members of Thon DISCOVERY who are also SAS EuroBonus members can choose to specify whether they prefer to earn ordinary Thon DISCOVERY points or 500 SAS EuroBonus points per night.
  • Abuse of your membership privileges may result in the cancellation of your Thon DISCOVERY membership, and all earned points will be deleted.
  • You can change your contact details, interests, preferences and password by logging into “My Page.” or by contacting Membership Services by phone or e-mail at +47 21 49 89 10 or titleservice@thonhotels.noservice@thonhotels.notitle.
  • Upon cancellation of a Thon DISCOVERY membership, all earned points are deleted. Points cannot be transferred to another member or to another loyalty programme. Membership cancellation requests must be sent in writing to service@thonhotels.no.
  • Thon DISCOVERY reserves the right to change its policies and benefits, or to terminate the loyalty programme altogether.

Membership levels

  • Gold The basic level at which all new members start.
  • Platinum: Minimum of 10 nights during the current calendar year. If this minimum is not met, the Platinum member will move to the Gold level.
  • Black: Minimum of 30 nights over the course of a calendar year.
  • The calculation of membership levels is based on calendar years, and upgrades to a higher level are made as soon as you reach the minimum requirement described above. Movement to lower levels and renewal of your membership level take place only in February of each year.
  • As a member, you retain your level for 12 months after being upgraded.

Earning points

  • Members can earn points on all standard rates and contract rates (for businesses and organisations).
  • Bonus points (whether Thon DISCOVERY or SAS EuroBonus) are not earned on free nights, bonus nights, bookings made through third-party websites (such as hotels.com, expedia.com, booking.com, Coop Hotellkupp, etc.), tour operators, bookings in connection with special deals in the case of long term stays (more than 20 nights), crews, sponsor rates or other special agreements or deals. In addition, these overnight stays do not count as qualifying for upgrade of membership level
  • Certain price codes entitle the member to a reduced number of Thon DISCOVERY bonus points. They do not entitle the member to any SAS EuroBonus points.
  • Thon DISCOVERY members have the option of earning 500 from SAS EuroBonus points per night. The member can choose between earning Thon DISCOVERY points and SAS EuroBonus points.
  • No points are earned if the member is a “no show” for a booking.
  • In the case of marketing campaigns, special rules will apply to the earning of bonus points. These rules will be determined by Thon Hotels on a per-campaign basis.
  • Only one person per booked room can earn points.
  • Only Thon DISCOVERY members can earn points. Points are earned on a per-booking basis, which is to say the earned points can only apply to 1 room and 1 person. You cannot earn points when you pay for another person’s booking. However, points are earned no matter who pays for the booking.
  • Points can be credited retroactively so long as valid documentation, such as a hotel bill, receipt, or credit card statement is provided. A booking confirmation is not considered to be valid documentation. Points can only be credited within six months after the date of your stay. Contact the hotel where you stayed or Membership Services, phone +47 21 49 89 10 or service@thonhotels.no, for post-registration of points.

Expiry of points

  • Your points will automatically expire on 31 December three years after the date that they are earned.
  • You can check your points balance on My Page; your balance will also be sent to you via e-mail in our monthly newsletter.
  • When you withdraw points, the oldest ones will be used first.
  • If the programme is terminated, the member’s balance will be deleted without compensation.

Membership Benefits

  • Depending on how many nights a year you stay at Thon Hotels, your membership of Thon DISCOVERY will be at one of three levels: Gold, Platinum, or Black. Once you have stayed with us the required number of nights, you will be upgraded automatically to the next level, and enjoy even more membership benefits.
  • Movement to lower levels takes place in February of each year.

Withdrawing points

  • Booking of bonus stays can be made Membership Services by phone +47 21 49 89 10 or service@thonhotels.no, no later than the day before arrival. You can also make your booking directly with the hotel where you want to stay.
  • Please tell us when booking that you wish to pay with bonus points.
  • Walk-in bookings cannot be paid for with points.
  • Each hotel has a limited number of rooms set aside for bonus accommodation. There may be rooms available in other price categories, even if the rooms set aside for bonus accommodations are fully booked.
  • The required number of bonus points is deducted from the member’s Thon DISCOVERY account as soon as the booking is made.
  • Bookings made using bonus points can be amended or cancelled in accordance with the hotel’s cancellation policy. In the case of no-shows, Thon Hotels will still deduct the points for the booking you made.
  • Friends and family can enjoy bonus accommodations without the member staying in the hotel with them, as long as the member makes the booking through Membership Services.
  • Two or more members cannot combine their points or transfer points to one another’s cards in order to reach the minimum required to withdraw and use points. Bonus points cannot be used as part-payment or withdrawn in cash form.
  • Account information will be disclosed only to the member themselves, by contacting Membership Services on +47 21 49 89 10, or by logging in to “My Page” at thonhotels.no

Tax liability

  • The private use of bonus points earned in connection with work are considered to be taxable income and must be reported to the tax authorities.

General terms and conditions

  • The Thon DISCOVERY programme is designed as an electronically-based service. Member communication will therefore take place primarily via e-mail and the internet.
  • Thon Hotels is a member of Global Hotel Alliance, and members of Thon DISCOVERY who register after 20 May 2014 will automatically become members of the GHA Discovery loyalty programme. Members who registered prior to this date must give their written consent.
  • Thon DISCOVERY registers the member’s name, address and hotel booking history (including hotel name, the date of the stay, the room rate, the reason for the stay, etc.). This information is stored in the member’s profile and is used to award bonus points. The member can also update his/her membership profile, including interests and preferences related to his/her hotel experience. This information is included in the membership profile and is used to customise offers that the member may find relevant. Thon DISCOVERY only uses information expressly provided to us by the member. Members can choose not to receive the newsletter by informing us of this preference either via “My Page” or by clicking on a link in the newsletter.
  • By accepting membership of GHA Discovery, the member also accepts that his/her membership information, as described above, will be made available to Global Hotel Alliance (GHA). GHA uses this information to customise offers for its members and to determine the relevancy of the information it sends them. Members can choose not to receive this information (which comes in the form of a newsletter) by clicking on the unsubscribe link included in every newsletter.
  • Printed material may contain printing errors, and benefits, discounts and rates are subject to change.
  • Thon Hotels reserves the right to make changes to the Thon DISCOVERY programme and to update the terms and conditions of membership accordingly.


  • In the event of any disputes regarding the terms and conditions of the Thon DISCOVERY programme, Norwegian law will apply.
  • Disputes will be settled in the Norwegian courts.

Special Event periods

The overview displays special events periods for our hotels. Unfortunately, during these periods it will not be possible to obtain a guaranteed room at these hotels.


  • 13 - 19 August 2017


  • 15- 24 September 2017


  • 18 - 20 August 2017


  • 22 - 25 June 2017
  • 13 - 17 July 2017


  • 17 - 19 March 2017
  • 31 March - 2 April 2017
  • 7 - 9 April 2017


24 April - 27 April 2017


23 June - 2 July 2017
8 August - 10 August 2017


  • 12 - 14 May 2017
  • 22 - 28 June 2017


  • 13 - 16 April 2017
  • 29 - 30 September 2017
  • 17 - 18 November 2017


  • 7 - 10 February 2017


  • 13 - 15 June 2017
  • 23 - 27 July 2017
  • 30 June - 1 July 2017


  • 28 - 30 April 2017
  • 28 June - 1 July 2017


  • 24 - 30 July 2017


  • 15 - 23 July 2017


  • 29 May - 4 June 2017
  • 15 - 16 July 2017


  • 5 - 7 May 2017
  • 18 - 20 October 2017


  • 14 - 18 June 2017


  • 5 - 12 February 2017
  • 31 March - 2 April 2017
  • 15 - 18 August 2017


  • 7 - 8 July 2017
  • 12 - 15 July 2017


  • 18 - 19 August 2017