Things to do at Thon Hotel Oslo Airport

Take a flight in Scandinavia’s largest wind tunnel, or join the "Mesternes mester" TV show and other fun group activities at one of Norway’s largest conference hotels.

Food and drink

Brasserie Bassit

Sit back and treat yourself to a dining experience with that little extra after a long day at the conference. The hotel restaurant,Brasserie Bassit, focuses on seasonal vegetables and organic quality products from Norway. Enjoy delicious starters and main courses, or how about an Italian pizza with a Norwegian twist?

Group activities

Modern Activity Centre 

At the Modern Activity Centre you can have an exciting and action-packed day, completely out of the ordinary. This is where Scandinavia’s largest wind tunnel is located, where you can hover at a wind speed of up to 300 kilometres per hour. 

The centre also has its own VR park, with a wide range of games and experiences. For example, you can test VR go-karts or shoot malicious dragons while spinning 360 degrees around the simulator.

You can also challenge yourself and your colleagues on the AG climbing wall – an interactive wall with sensors, cameras and projectors. 

The centre has a café and bar in the same premises, so you can take a few breaks along the way.

Mesternes mester (Champ of champs)

Join us for a brand new form of team building in our own version of the Mesternes mester, organised by the Merkes gym. We adapt the exercises and number of exercises for you and create a nice combination that suits everyone. While some exercises are physically demanding, others require you to use your head, test your balance or perhaps just have full control of your arms. As a team you can compete against other colleagues or other departments. Alternatively, you can compete against each other within the team. 

The Mesternes mester (Champ of champs) is suitable for 5–100 participants and a standard package of five exercises costs NOK 2,500 and NOK 500 per participant.

Stretch and bend your way through the day

After the behind has been stuck on a chair almost all day, it’s perfect to finish off with a leisurely workout. In the activity we call "Conference stretch", you get to stretch your entire body in gentle movements, to loosen up your shoulders and clearing your head.

The exercise lasts for 30 minutes and can be carried out with between 5–100 participants.

Effective exercise with resistance bands

Working out with resistance bands provides effective and great exercise for the whole body and it’s also a lot of fun! You choose how much work you want, but we guarantee you’ll feel it. And that’s the whole point of working out, right? 

All participants will be given a set of resistance bands. This class is suitable for between 5–100 participants.

Strength training for the whole body

If you would like to exercise without any aids, this is the class for you. Here you get a proper workout with strength exercises for the whole body. 

The class is suitable for between 5–100 participants.


When you stay at Thon Hotel Oslo Airport you can combine your stay with fun activities. We are happy to help if you have any questions.

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