Going to Førde? Here are tips for experiences, eateries and hotels in the beautiful fjord town.

The location halfway between Bergen and Ålesund makes Førde a town that is easy to visit, but the town is more than just a stop on the way.

With a short distance to fjords, mountains, glaciers, forests and waterfalls, Førde is a good starting point for the adventurous. The town also has a long tradition as a cultural centre and boasts a great art museum, not to mention Scandinavia’s largest international folk music festival.

Here is some useful information for visitors to Førde:

Things to do in Førde

7 mountain hike and hikes with children

If you are fit, you can do a day of summit hikes up to Førde’s seven mountains. For a less ambitious but nice hike, you can go up the Hafstadkleiva. The steep hiking trail that starts with stairs before transitioning to a zig-zag gravel road is easily accessible from the town centre and a popular fitness track for Førde's inhabitants. If you visit Førde with children, there are several hikes that are suitable. You can for instance hike to the cosy Gytta day trip hut, or Mostien, which goes around the Sunnfjord Museum.

Waterfall safari to Huldefossen and Likholefossen

Førde is an excellent starting point for exploring some of Western Norway’s most spectacular waterfalls. Huldefossen plunges down the mountainside just a 20-minute drive from the town centre. The 92-metre waterfall always has a veil of mist around it, which has made it one of the most photographed waterfalls in Norway. If you drive on for 40 minutes from Huldefossen, you will reach the spectacular Likholefossen waterfall. The waterfall is one of Gaularvassdraget’s 28 waterfalls. If you continue to follow the Waterfall Path (Fossestien), you can experience more of them, but be careful and follow the marked hiking trails – the river is powerful.

Førde Climbing Centre and Sunnfjordparken

If you want to be active indoors, you’ll find the Førde Climbing Centre just outside the town. Here, there are climbing walls for all skill levels, and the centre has climbing shoes for rent. In the middle of Førde is the Sunnfjordparken activity park, which consists of both the play centre and the trampoline park. If you and your family go, you will have a day with great activity and lots of fun.

Culture and museum


If you’re in Førde on a rainy day, you can do like the Førdians themselves do and head to Førdehuset. Førde’s popular cultural centre houses a swimming pool with a slide, library, Førde cinema and a large sports hall. The building also houses the main stage of the Teater Vestland travelling theatre, which consistently puts on new performances. 

Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum and Sunnfjord Museum

If you have some time to kill in the centre of Førde, you should visit the Sogn og Fjordane art museum. The museum is the region’s most important custodian of older and newer art, and often showcases a current exhibition. The characteristic building is also equipped with a magnificent roof terrace and a cosy cafe. The Sunnfjord Museum is located east of Førde. The museum consists of older log houses, and is primarily a highlight for anyone interested in how people lived in the inner Sunnfjord in the past. 

Shopping and eateries

Shopping in Førde

If you’re going shopping in Førde, there are two shopping centres close to the town centre to choose from. Or, you don't have to choose. The Elvetorget and Alti Førde shopping centres are located on opposite sides of the main road in the town centre, and are both worth a visit if you’re looking for something new, whether it’s sports equipment, toys, books, clothing or things for the house.

Popular eateries and restaurants in Førde

Førde is a popular fishing destination and has several restaurants with local fish dishes on the menu. If you want a taste of Førde and Sunnfjord, you can, for example, add a restaurant visit to Pikant Wine and Dine. The food here is mainly based on ingredients from the municipality – such as vegetables and berries from the farms and fish from the fjord. On Saturdays, the restaurant tables are set for "Etasjenons" - Førde’s answer to Afternoon Tea. Another good alternative is the restaurant Ete Fysst. As the name of the restaurant suggests, it’s a good idea to eat before embarking on new activities. At Ete Fysst, you get traditional dishes prepared in the most delicious ways. The restaurant is located at the Thon Partner Hotel Førde, within walking distance of the town centre.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a cup of coffee or a simpler meal, there are plenty of cafes and patisseries to choose from in Førde. The family-run bakery Naustdal Dampbakeri has three outlets in the town, two of which are located in the town centre. The bakery dates back to 1888 and is one of the oldest businesses in Sunnfjord. 

Overnight stay

Thon Partner Hotel Førde

If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay in the centre of Førde, the beds at Thon Partner Hotel Førde are ready to provide a good night’s sleep. The hotel is located on the main road E39, next to the river Jølstra, only twenty minutes from Førde airport and a short walk from Førde bus station. With free parking at the back, and walking distance to everything Førde has to offer, this hotel is a great choice when visiting the town.

Thon Partner Hotel Jølster

A 40-minute drive from Førde is Jølster. Here you can check in at the Thon Partner Hotel Jølster, which is located in the centre of the town and nature experiences. From here it is only a short distance to fishing on the Jølstraelva and glacier hiking on the Haugabreen. It is a large hotel and designed for conferences.

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